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    I've just made the switch to SprintPCS and I am contemplating the purchase of the Treo600. My question is this: My current SprintPCS phone is a Samsung flip phone, very small, etc. I love it for the weekends when I am out and not working. During the week, however, I would love to use a Treo 600. Problem is, I don't want to have 2 separate phone numbers. Is there any way to run two phones with the same number? I don't want to use them at the same time, I just want to be able to switch them at will.

    I know this is a question for Sprint customer service, but I though this might be faster!

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    If you had a GSM service (NOT Sprint) you could do that - as your number, etc is on the sim card. Which you can theoretically move from phone to phone...

    Back when I had Bellsouth Mobility, I did have a Two Phones/One Number service for a while. It was a relatively cheap way at the time to give my wife a phone for emergencies. Hmm.
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    the only way to do it is to call/go on the sprint website and change your ESN number when you want to switch phones.
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    I specifically asked Sprint this question and they said no last year. However, wouldn't call forwarding work? (Tho' you'd have to pay for two numbers).

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    Get two phones with two phone numbers. Distribute the Treo 600 number as your primary cellphone number. When you want to carry the Samsung, forward your Treo calls to it.

    On the Treo 600 Phone application, under Phone Preferences, there's a drop down menu that says "Don't forward calls." You can set this up to drop down and display a preset number to which you can forward the phone.

    Just make a couple of taps on the Treo and everything is forwarded to the Samsung. I believe this works even if the Treo is turned off.
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    If I'm not mistaken, you'll be billed airtime for the duration of any calls forwarded from your phone, however.

    Seems like doing a web-based ESN swap is the way to go...but I've not seen any kind of ESN swap application on the Sprint site, and god knows I wouldn't want to have to call C(l)are every time I wanted to switch...

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