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    When I first got my T600 I tried TreoSMS. I was able to SMS to email addresses, which I thought was great for quick messages.

    Now that SMS is working for Sprint, it appears that I can't SMS to emails. If I send a SMS to my POP3 mail account, the message says it went, but never shows up. If I email to my sprintpcs mail account, it does!

    So, is this normal? Seems like one of the things that SMS would be most useful for would be to email outside the sprint system.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    although I haven't tried recently, SMS to my work email and POP mail account worked a couple weeks ago when I tried it after reading a similar thread. Search for a thread with a similar title and it might shed some light on this.

    Edit: read this
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    I have two treos. I havent been able to email from or to either using the It just doesnt go through. I reported it, but the particular vision spec I had on the phone said u cant email from sms. I told him he better go back and read his little manual, because u sure as heck could.

    I can email from sms to aol, comcast, in fact any domain name...just not to my other treos. Weird

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