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    Anyone else getting the TEST log in screen when trying to log onto Sprints so-called AOL IM.

    Starting yesterday I have been getting this request on my Sprint Treo 600 and my daughter has been getting the same request on her Sprint Tosihba VM4050 when trying to log onto AOL from Sprint's Vision menu. We have never seen this before until yesterday.

    We have both hit cancel as there is nothing that indicates where the request is coming from. Does not say Sprint anywhere on the page and it IS NOT the usual log on page that occationally shows up for Sprint PCS mail.

    After hitting cancel (NOT login) we are logged in to AOL IM and it works (if you can call the idiotic way you have to message on this thing working).

    Vius? Password sniffer? Any ideas? Thanks.
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    I got that a couple of days ago too. I think I was signing on with the wrong password. When I used another signon, it logged in OK.

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