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    I have successfully set-up Sprint business connection with my firm's Lotus Domino server. My emails are pushed (and sync) with my Treo.

    My only problem is that when I respond to an email, the return key is not recognized in the email to any Lotus Domino/Notes user. My entire email is in one line. My email looks normal to all other email servers. The Sprint tech people have no clue.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Mark Fiebert
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    I have the same problem, but haven't found a fix/workaround yet...

    The only other bit of information I have is that my email sent from the web interface looks the same way, so it must be something with the PE desktop client, not the Palm client.
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    Same prob here. Spent an hour with Sprint Support. Final verdict: "it don't work". They say it's a "known issue" with the software (actually from Seven) that they intend to correct on a future release.

    This despite promoting it as working with Lotus Notes. So much for truth in advertising.
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    Please help ...

    I can't even get as far as you all did. I can't get the PC software to even log into notes. It asks me for a password then tells me "corporate server authentication failure."

    It never asks me for a Notes/Domino user name! Where can I put that information in, or is it somehow "guessing"?

    I'd really like to get this to work.
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    Sorry that this won't help you other than to perhaps give hope. I use Lots Notes/Domino Server and my emails do wrap, no one seems to know if I sent eail from my phone or from my PC. Must be a specific issue with how the servers are set up.
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    I figured it out!

    Apparently there is a hidden directory under my user directory that contains a notes.ini file.

    I had to copy this file into a directory that's in my path. (I put it in C:\Windows)

    From that point all went well. You are correct ... sending from my phone is the same as sending from my desktop client. Sweet. Browsing my desktop files is a nice bonus.

    I only wish I could add calendar entries instead of just viewing them.

    (I'll post the path if I can find it to help others .... I'm sitting at my notebook computer now ... nowhere near my office.)

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