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    First off, make sure you buy a Treo 600 (CDMA version) in which Sprint is currently the only provider. Since Verizon uses the same frequency, it should only work with that version of the phone. You can buy the Sprint phone with or without service because programming will be done on the phone itself. READ the FAQs (very important) - most of the questions and problems have already been addressed. There are also alot of helpful converters here so ask away. Good luck and hope to see you on the other side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    I ran the Kyocera PST. I reset the MCC code to "000" and reloaded the prl. By the way, it seems that the MCC was changed all all of our phones. On mine, it was my 3 digit area code. Is that what your's were?]
    Yes, mine was your 3 digit area code too, 310. Too bad it wasn't MY area code, 917.
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    FYI - I just added a second number to my VZW account and moved the Treo over to it. The IMSI_S for the new number is NOT the same as the directory number. (I found this out when I couldn't get through to *228 after changing my number).

    My MCC was 310 as well, BTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    All my original data setting remained. I connected flawlessly and everything works as expected (except for the camera which seems far better).
    Does the camera actually work better with the upate or is it psychological? =)

    I'm happy with every fucntion on my Treo with the 1.10 firmware and don't know if I would really benefit from upgrading to 1.20 other than to have improved camera image quality.
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    Yes. The camera actually seems better. VERY lousy before, OK now.
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    I upgraded to 1.2 on my Verizon T6 without too much trouble - reloaded the PRL. Everything works except for Blazer. I can even get PDANet, email & the ReqWireless browser to work.

    Every time I try to open a web page with Blazer, it connects OK, but I get: "Data Timeout - The page download could not be completed."

    I installed the blazer_spcs.prc file from the FAQ, but still same problem.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Are you using the "virtual modem" set-up? I found that one to be the best, especially since I can set the log out time (1 minute, 2 min, etc...).
    Another option would be to install the NetworkDB.prc from your old files (do you have a backup of them?)
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    Restoring the NetworkDB.prc from backup and trying a "virtual modem" produced the same results. All other network programs work fine, but Blazer gives "Data Timeout."
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    Got it working.

    I simply needed to perform Step 4 in the FAQ entitled "FIXING Blazer"
    Why is it that I usually find the stupid thing that I overlooked right AFTER I send out a call for help?
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    Since May 21 has come and gone and I need a new phone desperately, I bought a new Sprint phone off eBay. I'm going to "Verizon" it. Should I apply the 1.2 update first then "Verizon" it, or should I do the reverse? Looks like some people have converted the phone first then applied the patch. This has resulted in having to re-update the PRL. What sequence works better (convert then update, or update then convert)?
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    This is a good question. I don't think you should have any problem updating the phone, then doing the conversion. I don't see what the problem would be. Just make sure that you have the MSL before you do anything.

    On the other hand, updating the PRL a second time was no big whoop. It took all of about 2 minutes, most of which is just sitting there watching it upload/download.
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    I would like to update as well but I'm afraid of what might happen if something goes wrong. I'm so sick of my phone resetting because of text messages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin3
    I would like to update as well but I'm afraid of what might happen if something goes wrong. I'm so sick of my phone resetting because of text messages.
    Since the text messaging app has been upgraded with this firmware, perhaps you are THE person to do this. Maybe this will solve your problems. Clearly, all of us that have done this update do not have any issues with using the phone on Vz. The update will not change your MSL, just the PRL (in fact, I was watching the upgrade process and saw the "upgrading PRL information" screen fly by). There seems to be no reason not to do it at this point.
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    Hi everyone,

    New to this forum - thanks to everyone for all the tips. This site has been useful.

    I had very good Verizon service but ported my number to Sprint because I could not wait for the Verizon Treo 600 (I guess I couldn't wait despite the rumors).

    After the port, I found that I love the Treo600 but the service just is intolerable where I live and work (the hills).

    So the dilemma - great phone vs. service.

    I decided I am going to go back to Verizon (I am within my 14 days for Sprint deactivate and 30-days for Verizon reconnect.

    Here is what I am thinking of doing:
    1) Port the number back to Verizon to my old Samsung phone
    2) Convert the Treo to Verizon using the awesome FAQs (serial cable on order as we speak)
    3) Cancel Sprint service (I guess it'll be canceled when I port but kill the account)
    4) Move my number from my Samsung to my Treo600 on Verizon

    Any feedback or tips on the sequence above? Is there any way I can simplify this? Any gotchas I am missing?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your replies...
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    Sounds like a solid plan so far. What will your fee be to keep the Treo? I imagine they will either want the phone back or ask you to pay full price.
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    I pd full price unfortunately...

    Anything in the FAQ steps I should ideally do before porting out of Sprint?
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    I made sure by calling Sprint several times to make sure they cancelled my account before I did the switch. I didn't want any billing surprises (though I heard you can switch back to Sprint anytime). Since I already had a Verizon number, all I did was just cancelled Sprint and made sure I did a clean break from them.

    Good luck pdxchick, as you will be happy to have the best phone with the best service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxchick
    Hi everyone,

    2) Convert the Treo to Verizon using the awesome FAQs (serial cable on order as we speak)

    pdxchick, I'm in the Portland area should you need any help. ;-) The steps are pretty straight forward...
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    Thanks ideefixe... I am actually waiting for my cable now. Completed the port back to Verizon and once I get the Treo set up I should be able to activate it. I will be in touch if I have questions.

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    I followed all the steps, but I cannot connect to the Express Network. The first time I tried I got an error message that said my user name or passowrd was mistaken and I should contact SPRINT. I tried a few more times, now I am getting an error message that the express network is not available in my area. It is. I use it on lots of other phones. SO, I have the phone part working great, but cannot get the express network running.

    Any suggestions?
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