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    As I recall you need a serial cable for T600 hacking, not USB. Also, there were many reports about a year or two back stating that you can no longer activate Verizonized phones.

    On the other hand, If you really want to, I can sell you my old Verizon T650 - it's worn but fully functional and works great. I've been planning to ebay it, PM me if interested.


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    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but i have a question.

    I am trying to do the treo 600 sprint --> verizon switch. The problem is none of the programs to use recognize my phone. it appears as if the connection between the two is not made unless i hit the hotsync button, and then it stil does not even show up on my computer, it just sync's and is done.
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    Long ago, far away, the people here did a wonderful thing and created this FAQ. I immediately ordered one directly from PalmOne, and got it working. And all was good.

    Over the years, I've traveled more and more. As I do, I notice more and more that in areas my VZW LG phone works fine, the Treo just didn't.(Digital Roam isn't enabled, since I use the phone ONLY ONLY ONLY for data, NEVER EVER EVER for voice. So if its not on VZW, data isn't going to work) I've been gun shy ever since I did it to perform the *228 on it. I figured "It worked, leave well enough alone". Well, since then, the cell network has undergone a huge change, and I need to keep up with the times.

    So, while in NC on my way back to NY, I did it. I hit *228 and pressed 2. And my phone promptly told me "no network". ****E. Ok. What was it about SID 170 that worked before, but didn't now? Ok, maybe just a temp issue. So I drove... I then hit SID 4178, I figured I'd get some new info.. Nothing... Then back to 170, 18, 8, and then all of a sudden in 22 I got my service back! But then I wandered into 486 and lost it, and stopped at 404, still lost.

    I wasn't sure what pressing *1* during *228 did, so I held off until I got infront a machine and could run KPST to note things down. I did , used *228 and 1... And still roaming. I tried the ##PCS, ##CDMA, ##BOTH with no luck.

    The only thing I do notice is that I have a PRL that I've never seen listed anywhere : 50561.

    FORTUNATELY, again using these great instructions, I re-loaded the 50118 and I'm back to a usable device.

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! How do I get this thing to have a realistic PRL and not claim to roam all the time.

    Thanks, Tuc
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    I had replied in your other thread, but that reply's apparently not worth reading.

    I had thought that *228 worked when I had tried it.
    Who's flying this thing?
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