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    Quote Originally Posted by vanclute
    Forgive any missing letters, my keybord is dying.

    When I run the KPSTprogram, and select QCT-6200, the Read From Phone option is greyed out. verything else has worked so far, I flashed with the VZW firmware and got my MSL and ESNs, but I can't do this step. I hae the seial cable.. anyone know hat's wrong


    I am not 100% certain, but I think KWPST can only do Sprint firmware. However Qualcomm PST 2.7 worked for me for BellMobility firmware, and might work for Verizon.

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    Well, all things considered this wasn't too hard at all. Took a couple of hours including hunting around to figure out what the hell I was doing. A few things were different though that I thought might help others...

    1. I flashed to the VZW firmware FIRST before doing anything else. I hoped this would eliminate the need for the serial cable completely, but not so. It did change a couple of other things though due to doing it in this order.

    2. I spoke with VZW tech support, and despite being friendly, they were "unable" to register my ESN. They did identify it as a Sprint phone, and that was pretty much that. I did pick up an extra trick though that I thought was helpful...

    2b. On a VZW phone, #*#000000 (6 zeroes) will allow you to "activate" your phone. What this really means is you can put in your "new" cel phone number here, but that's about all unless someone here knows what the SID and NID numbers are for. Still, it meant for one less step later.

    3. The Kyocera PST software simply would NOT recognize my VZW flashed phone, but the Qualcomm verzion saw it just fine and worked like a champ. All I had to change in it was the MCC number, since everything else appeared to have been reset between the VZW flash, a complete hard data reset, AND a #*#774.

    So after all that, a final download of the VZW PRL file and BOOM! Instant cel phone function. Lastly I used method 2 (the short & simple one! =) for the EN data and it's all good.

    The final test of course will be to see if any of this new data shows up on my bill! =)

    Thanks everyone, this totally ROCKS!

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    I would just like to get a treo 600 on vzw for voice only. In reading the thread it's hard to follow wether to install the verizon firmware or not and how this affects the step in the FAQ. If I upgrade the firmware do I still need PST and BitPIM ? I have a 26k dialup connection here so if I can skip 28 meg of download time it would be great.


    - Jim
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    wb1dog, do you already have a Sprint branded T600? Because if you already have one, you'll need the PST and BitPim to acquire the Sprint T600's MSL # and to program the phone.

    On the other hand, if you don't have a Sprint T600, just go ahead and get a VZW branded T600. VZW has dropped the price somewhat on their T600s, so it would make more sense to just get the VZW T than going through the ehadache of programming and activating the "Verizonized" T600. It sounds like VZW CS is starting to catch on now, anyway. IMHO.

    A friend of mine gave me his Sprint T600, and I "Verizonized" it, just to have a T600 until my contract expires.
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    vanclute, great job! It sounds like VZW CS is starting to catch on with the Verizonized T's ... glad you found a workaround. Welcome to the club!
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    re: vzw tech support: just dealt with them a week ago, told them exactly what I was doing (spr t600 to vzw). 1st tech couldn't get past the spr esn, said it wouldn't work. i told him i knew for a fact it would. he put me on hold for ~3 MINUTES, came back and said he'd gotten help from co-worker, esn accepted, all set. everything works. but bear in mind vzw CS is unhelpful, Tech Support is great. as to them "catching on": i don't get it. if you own the phone, take care of conversion yourself, why would they not be willing to accept your business?
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    I have a Sprint 600 already
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    anub: My thinking is that because you did not purchase the equipment from them, should something go wrong with the phone, or the service, they will, in effect, be providing you support for a phone purchased from and branded for, a different carrier. And you know how often we'd be calling VZW CS or TS for any phone/service related issues.

    I know they don't make much money, if anything, from selling the equipment, but to these phone carriers, every penny counts towards their bottom line.
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    wb1dog: you'll need the PST and BitPim to convert th phone.
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    OK howd, good point. i'm just surprised that i didn't even have to dissemble. for practical purposes what others have posted here many times seems to be true: if one CS or TS won't or can't help just call back till you get 1 that will. i even went into the store and was straight with them and they had no problem, even offered to flash the firmware till i showed them it was already done (ended up with no joy that day for lack of msl b4 i found qpst). the rep there seemed experienced and knowledgeble. some customer asked how to get things resolved with phone support and he said "just keep bugging them till they take care of it" ;-)
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    anub: I'm saying; having to call CS numerous times must be a drag! I've been lucky, so far; VZW has been cool with me everytime I call. I activated the Verizonized T600 on my first call to CS; TS at a local Verizon Store (NYC) helped me with an MMS issue and got also me a VZW faceplate. One asked if I could convert a RAZR. Of course, he and I knew that couldn't happen. Right now. :-)

    Yeah, there are CS who just want to get you off their backs ... keep calling and calling and calling! ;-)
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    Still wondering if it's better to upgrade the firmware or not ?

    And does this disable my verizon phone ( just in case ;-))
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    wb1dog: I followed the FAQ instructions to the letter, using BitPim, then the PST to program the Sprint T600 before activating it on VZW. I then used Tokenwriter to flash the phone to VZW's firmware. I would advise you take this route. I'm not cell phone programming savvy at all, and the instructions were easy to follow. If I screwed up on even one thing, that would've been a wrap. So, if you're not sure what to do, take the road already travelled; it's worked for many, including myself, and should work for you, too.

    Flashing the phone with VZW's firmware upgrade should not disable your phone.

    Hope that helped.
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    Just an update for everyone... I flashed my 600 from Sprint to VZW and played around with data a bit... just found out that the data DOES show up on my bill, so they have obviously figured this out and are monitoring for the activity. So, don't think you're going to get the data for free...

    Bummer. =(
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    wb1dog: Did you convert your phone? Did everything go smooth for you?

    vanclute: Sorry to hear of your data charges. I received me bill and there has been no charges for data. But it's moot now. I have a VZW branded T600, so now whether I am on a data plan or not, I'll be charged for data use.
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    I got a Verizon branded Treo 600. A friend upgraded to a VZW T650, and gave me his, so I activated it on the VZW Network, ending my days with the Sprint Verizonized T600. Not much of a difference between the two. The major difference was activating it. VZW CS did it with no questions asked. :-)
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    here's a bug with my vzw'd spr t600: tryin to get display to go dark during a call, if i go to phone pref's from dial pad it reboots (screen off then palm logo) then vzw welcome...

    anyone got a clue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anub
    here's a bug with my vzw'd spr t600: tryin to get display to go dark during a call, if i go to phone pref's from dial pad it reboots (screen off then palm logo) then vzw welcome...

    anyone got a clue?

    I get the same problem...can't get to the phone prefs. Anyone else and/or have a fix?
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    I've tried to start new thread on this:
    no "phone prefs" on verizonized sprint t600's?
    hope someone helps
    us po-boyz seem to be being left behind by the wealthy crowd that can afford to go get vzw t650's...
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    re-running the VZW 1.11 update fixed my phone prefs but....

    Back to square 1...

    And BTW the blue arrow is gone (guessing it was a "roaming" indicator yet no "roaming" charges have been applied, the "treo600verizon_UG.pdf" from this Palm1 link was no help identifying it, yes, actually resorted to RTFM ;-)

    Anyway, can't connect to web, SnapperMail etc. gone, so guess I'll go back thru it all again and try to see if there's some point where the phone prefs go away. Suspect it's during re-sync of contacts from Palm Desktop on Mac: hard to remember but seems like that was where a bunch of Spr stuff came back in spite of my telling Conduit to do Contacts only...

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