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    Quote Originally Posted by Hichhiker
    I have followed the faq and had success... for an hour

    The phone was activated on verizon network and then I synced it with my older palm device. In order to do so, I ended up hard resetting it to clear the old data. This may have been a large mistake. Sync went good and then I send SMS to the phone and from the phone at same time... as I was waitng for sms to come in - I noticed the palm reset itself. Ever since every time I turn on the phone part of the treo, it resets. So now I cannot even open it up in PST or BitPIM because I cannot dial ##3242 without turning on the wireless part. I hard reset the phone a few time but no luck. Any ideas??? Did I kill it?

    The palm part of it works fine.


    You may want to try installing the latest (1.2) Sprint Firmware update (or even 1.1 if you can find it). This should reset everthing to a semi-factory state. I can't imagine that you "killed" anything if it was working before the sync.

    After installing the firmware, you will have to re-install the Verizon PRL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    You may want to try installing the latest (1.2) Sprint Firmware update (or even 1.1 if you can find it). This should reset everthing to a semi-factory state. I can't imagine that you "killed" anything if it was working before the sync.

    After installing the firmware, you will have to re-install the Verizon PRL.
    I have re-installed 1.2 (about 5 times actually). The phone now gives me a second or two more of time before it resets, but effect is same - I cannot get it to stay in Wireless mode and thus cannot turn on passthrough (well for more than a few secs.) Dialing ##377 gives me "Unknown Teleservice type" error. Which makes me think it is in the settings. How would I load a PRL or edit settings without passthrough mode? Is there any PalmOS programs that will allow me to edit settings? Can I flash 1.1 on top of 1.2 (have not tried that yet - UPDATE: Tried it, could not do it due to version check - said later version already installed ) There should be a way to at least load PRL without passthrough mode because the 1.2 update does it somehow.

    BTW, I think it did work on verizon even after hard reset. I think what killed it was an SMS message I sent to it from a T720 with an animation. As I was waiting for it to arrive I noticed the screen light up and the unit reset itself. This is when the problem started.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    Don't give up. Call again and speak to someone else. Do not tell them that it's a Treo. Ask to speak to a higher level technician. There is somebody who can override it. Some people have gone into a store to have it done.
    I tried yet again with Verizon. I had success. YAYY

    What I did was to go to a store and found a "lower" level technician. He did not know anything about the Treo, didn't know all the reasons why "that can't be done", and mostly was very disinterested.

    So I watched over his shoulder, and when the Verizon computer came up with its list of bizarre interface cards that it believed were possible matches to my Treo ESN, I had him scroll to the bottom of the list. And there we found the word "OTHER". I had him pick that, it worked, and I was online.

    One caveat: dialing #777 fails now. I get "your call cannot be completed as dialed". I can work-around by dialing up my regular ISP instead, but #777 connects way faster and it would be nice to get it back. Any ideas?
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    I'm having a problem with getting a treo 600 activated on ALLTEL. It's a verizon treo so it should work, but tried using some of the steps outlined above and I'm getting a Network search...doesn't appear to be moving between the bands either. Any suggestions? Is there a place I can get that old version of Kyocera PST yall are using? I have a really new version and I dunno if it's causing the problem
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    I have a verizonized treo 600 with the sprint firmware. I am not able to get anyone at verizon to flash the verizon firmware on it. This update came out, but i am not sure if i can use it. My phone is working perfectly now and i do not want to mess it up so not sure if i should do it or not. What does everyone think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    The BitPim works, but is not straight forward. Connect the Treo using the cable and on the Treo push ##3424 then dial.

    For how to use BitPim, follow this thread.

    Click on the Filesystem tab and go to nvm --> nvm --> and right click on nvm_0002 and choose Hexdump. You may have to try right clicking on one of the other files (nvm_0003, etc).

    The instructions on how to read the data and find your MSL are on that same thread.

    Update us if it works or if you found anything different.

    I tried to follow this thread to get instructions on using BitPim. But it isn't valid apparently anymore. I then downloaded BitPim and saw that it didn't have info for Treo 600 phones. Can I simply use the other CDMA phone option? Or is there a better option?
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    It's been awhile since I did the 600 conversion. I think I selected a random phone from the list. In this step, you are only reading data, not writing it, so it doesn't hurt to try.
    Palm V --> Clie 610 --> Kyocera 7135 --> Treo 600 ("verizonfied") --> Treo 650 ("verizonfied") --> Vz Treo 700p -->AT&T Tilt
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    Thanks. I'm not the most high tech person - though GalenMD's instructions were very clear (thanks!). In scrolling through this thread, I'm left unclear whether Verizonized Sprint T600s will work on Verizon or not. I'd hate to go to all the work and find it doesn't work. What's the general view on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmetcalf
    Thanks. I'm not the most high tech person - though GalenMD's instructions were very clear (thanks!). In scrolling through this thread, I'm left unclear whether Verizonized Sprint T600s will work on Verizon or not. I'd hate to go to all the work and find it doesn't work. What's the general view on this?

    Why would anyone bother with a conversion process to make a 600 work on Verizon if it wouldn't work on Verizon? That's the whole point of this thread.
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    Sorry. I wasn't clear. Some of the posters have noted that they're getting frequent call drops and deteriorated quality after registering on VZW. Others were reporting having trouble registering their phones on VZW at all. That's what I was asking about.
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    There have been reports of CSR's not allowing a non-vz ESN to get activated. However, I think everybody has managed to get it activated. Sometimes, you just have to try a couple of times. Some have had success going into a store. Not many people are going through this process anymore, since vz has been carrying the 600 for awhile. Now, moany of us are converting 650's.

    As far as dropped calls and such, that's a vz issue, not an issue with converting a 600.
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    I recently just converted my phone about 2 weeks ago. I called the verizon support line to get them to activate it and they did it on the first try... I went with the startak line like the thread says. The lady said the ESN came up as some sort of "data card". I just kept insisting it was a startak so they went to get a tech to help, but tried to just register the esn in the meantime. It worked first try. Just keep insisting that it is a startak and that it used to be registered on verizon and you are now using it because your phone broke. I have suffered no such dropped calls or anything. My friend also has a treo 600, but it is from verizon origonally, he has the same exact reception as mine. Everything is identical...

    Only problem I have encountered is that I can not get my express network or qnc to work... It seems to just keep trying and not get anywhere... Does anyone have a clue what i may be doing wrong?
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    Its possible to load the verizon 1.11 Treo 600 firmware on a Sprint Treo. To do this, you need to trick the updater into thinking your existing rom was an older Verizon ROM, and not a Sprint ROM.

    Download Tokenwriter -

    Tokenwriter lets you edit The Treo ROM version number, IMEI, serial number etc.

    Install the PRC file and lauch Tokenwriter.

    type "list crnm"

    it should say SPR

    type "write crnm VZW"

    type "list revn"

    it should say 1.10, 1.20 etc, depending on what Sprint ROM is currently on the Treo.

    type "write revn 1.10"

    Other values may work here, it probably just has to be less than 1.11, the current Verizon ROM release.

    Go to Options - Phone info from the Phone application. It should now say

    Software: Treo600-1.10-VZW

    Download and install the Verizon Updater located here -
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    Wow! Vz firmware on a Sprint 600. Thanks chrisjhahn. Excellent work.

    So, tell us more. How is your unit working with the new firmware? What are the differences? (I've never actually used a Vz treo before).
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    Verizon Picture Messaging should work now through the MMS application. The dial pad looks a little different. It says "Verizon Wireless" in the upper left instead of the formerly hacked "Verizon" There are also icons indicating a 1x data connection is available, and for "location awareness" aka GPS. I think some of the Phone application menus may be slightly different also. The web browser defaults are different, and there are also a lot less favorites. There is just one for downloads where I think there were 5 or 6 with the Sprint firmware.

    I have tested making and recieving calls and data connectivity and everything is working fine. I have not done anything with the MMS application but I will probably look at that today. Oddly enough even after the firmware update, I still had to add back the Verizon data connection. The defaults are still Sprint PCS Vision and then Sprint Provisioning. Thats the only remnant of Sprint data still left on my phone at this point.
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    Great stuff. I just updated my firmware to verizon from sprint. It works great and now my networking works too. Thanks... However, one thing i did notice that was when i went from the palm os back to the phone, it took about 10 seconds for it to load... i am not sure why, but i did not do this before... Any idea's? O well, everything else is working great and i couldnt be much happier...
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    After playing with the phone for awhile the problem with the delayed phone screen comming up has gone away... I think it may have been something to do with first using it after the flash... Reception seems to be just about the same before upgrading firmware, possible sightly a bit better.
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    chrisjahn and akalberm,
    I salute you. So, after a couple of days, was it worth switching to Verizon firmware? Are there better/different features? Did you have to reinstall bookmarks or programs? Is the browser the same? Any noticeable difference in reception, clarity, dropped calls? Also, I use en-mou (minutes) instead of data service and there is the ability in the Sprint programming to timeout the data connection. Does the Verizon connection have this feature? Any insights would be appreciated.

    Thanks and congratulations.
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    Here are the things I noticed -

    The Verizon firmware has Dual Language. When first time turn on the device, you can pick English or Spanish. You obviously also get the Verizon carrier logos. There are a couple different phone options, but I have not noticed any difference in call quality. There is an option to select 911 Only Location Service, and it shows up in the dial pad depending on what you select. You can also select the band in the phone menu (Home/Auto A/Auto B). MMS Software is included. There is no "Share" button on Camera Appl, but after shot, "SEND" button appears and the picture can be sent by MMS (or VersaMail,VeriChat, etc) if you have them installed.

    I didn't see anything different in the Network options (other than that my Sprint settings were still there by default even after the firmware update), so I don't think there is anything to automatically timeout the data connection. I use the unlimitied data plan, so I have not really looked into it.
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    OK, I am a glutton for punishment, so, even thought I didn't see anything that I needed in adding the Verizon firmware to my Verizonified Sprint phone, I did it. Worked perfectly. No phone problems. It even left my personalized phone buttons in place. Added about a meg of SplashMoney and Splash ID files that I deleted. Kept all my settings for web and favorites. There were two slight problems. My express network (en-mou) connection didn't work until I changed the settings and changed them back to where they were. Now I think it's even a little faster...don't know if that's the connection or if they tweaked the browser. The other problem was that I had been using the free handspring/palmone email client that was part of the Sprint 1.2 firmware and it disappeared. Fortunately, I found it on this thread:
    and when I installed it, all my accounts and saved emails came back with it. Obviously, they weren't deleted, there was just no app to show them. Now, if I get fewer dropped calls, as some have indicated with Verizon T600s, it will be worth it. We'll see.

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