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    Thanks to everyone for this great thread.

    I decided to jump onboard and have reprogrammed my sprint treo 600 as per all the instructions, but I'm not connecting to Verizon's network.

    I've never been able to re-program with *228 - dialing 611 connects me to airtouch! What's going on? I've followed ever single step in the faq - please help.

    Thanks in advance -

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    This doesn't make sense. You've installed the PRL?
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    I got it working - maybe this will help someone else:

    For whatever reason it didn't work until I changed the IMSI_S to ten zeros. I haven't gone back in and checked to see if it updated itself to the mobile number (I've been too bust playing with this amazing phone!) but that would be good to check out.

    I wonder if it could have anything to do with my installing the 1.20 update before beginning the proces.

    Hope that helps someone...

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    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you all very much for sharing so much information and for helping others. I think I would like to proceed with converting a Sprint PCS Treo 600 over to Verizon, but before I do I just wanted to make sure I knew what was and what wasn't possible.

    Are there any features of the Treo 600 which will not work on Verizons network? Primarily I am wondering about SMS. I was successful in moving my Sprint T608 Bluetooth phone over to Verizon but was never able to get SMS working. I was hoping this would not be the case with the Treo 600.

    Thank you for any response as it helps me decide how to proceed. Thanks again!

    - Dwek
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    I use SMS numerous times a day. It has been extremely reliable (I use it as my emergency paging system).

    I don't think anybody has got picture messaging to work. Other than that, my device works flawlessly.
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    Thats great to hear GalenMD! Thanks for the quick response. All I need to do know is find a Treo 600 and a serial cable for it. My first thought is to look at CompUSA but maybee there are better and cheaper places. Any suggestions?

    - Dwek
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    You may want to hold off. There are some pretty reliable rumours that Vz will release the Treo on July 12th. That's only 5 days away. Now, if you already had a Treo, or can get one cheap, converting would be a good option. The main downside to not having a Vz branded phone is a lack of support and inability to get insurance coverage. If you're already on vz, and it's been awhile, you may even be eligible for a discount with a new contract.
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    Rats... Now what to do? I have been waiting and waiting for the Verizon version to show up. I guess I figured I was just going to go ahead and convert a Sprint version over to Verizon once I came across this forum, instead of continuing to wait for Verizon.

    Do you mind if I ask where you read about a July 12th release date? I wonder if the Verizon version will be any different, such as Bluetooth and higher resolution screen.

    Thanks GalenMD!

    - Dwek
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    It;s supposed to be the same exact phone. Looks like the same template as the Sprint, but with a different color scheme.

    Here is a link to a thread with a pics from Vz:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    Interesting though, I think you were the first person to let Vz know what we have been doing. How big of a stink did he make about it?

    Actually, my friend accidently did this, boy did it PO support. I had converted his phone for him, but forgot a step so it wouldn't access data. He couldn't wait for me to look at it, so he called Verizon. Then they asked for the ESN, they said, wait a moment, that's not a 7135 (oops!)

    Long story short, he kept his head down for a few weeks, I fixed the problem and all has been good ever since.
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    ok guys im back from my vacation and im gon a convert a treo cause i really cant stand that grey GSm color so any help is greatly apreciated
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    Welcome back. Hope you had nice vacation. Do you have the serial cable?
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    naa i am still unable to locate one! hate this is
    umm galem is there any way u can help me ubtain my MSL?
    and sell me a serial cable
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    Rockon, where are you located...somone might lend you one. Im in boston...
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    sorry man im in NY if u come down here ne time u can lend it to me :-D
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    So it is July 12th and Verizon has apparently released the Treo 600.

    Now we need to work on getting the Verizon firmware and see if it will work on Sprint branded Treos.

    Update: I just noticed in a firmware update document on that the Verizon firmware version is 1142 (The current Sprint version is 1041).

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    from PalmOne software update page:

    "If you're trying to install the Treo 600 Updater (info), you may receive the error message This update is not compatible with this device.
    Did you switch carriers and keep your Treo 600?
    If you acquired your Treo from one wireless service provider and are now using it with a different, use the updater for your original provider (not your current provider). You may see the error message if you're using the version for the wrong provider. "

    I hope they are wrong and we can use the Verizon optimized software. It is not available at PalmOne to try yet. Meanwhile, did anyone ever try adding the generic software version 1.12 to a Sprint or Verizonified phone?
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    1) I see in the tutorial it asks you for the MSL

    tep 1: Changing Sprint's TREO 600 PRL, MSL and Phone Number.

    6. Select "QCT-6200" in the Phone Selection dialog box and click OK.
    7. Select the "Settings" tab (if not already there).
    8. Press "Read from Phone"
    9. At the "Enter Service Programming" dialog box, enter the phone's original MSL code
    How would you know the origional MSL code

    2) If I am new with verizon and want to open an account by transfering my sprint pcs number how can I login to their website and enter an ESN when I dont have a regular phone to switch from?

    any ideas??

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    by the way, is anyone in the PHILADELPHIA PA area that can help me convert my phone to verizon, I need to borrow a serial cable and also would like to have an experts help while doing this.

    thanks a lot!

    ($ would be involved)
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    I've recieved my sprint treo, updated firmware, changed settings and can now access the Verizon messages. However every time I try to register my ESN at it says it can't be completed at this time and tells me to call support. So I called, and they said that the ESN for them won't go through either, and the techie I talked to said it has to be a Verizon branded phone for the ESN to work. I told him I have everything set up and ready for the network, and that when I try to call someone I get the verizon message that says "We cannot complete the call do to conflicting serial numbers." I tried going back to the verizon site just now to update things and it errors everytime I try to bring up the page, so does anyone have any ideas as to why this might not work anymore? Could it be because of Verizon's rollout of the Treo?

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