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    This is a brand new Treo, so there is no 3rd party software at all to conflict with, all I have done is synch with Outlook. So I began testing it with my old phone, just sending some short messages back and forth to myself. But whenever I click done or go to or any way to get out of the message, it crashes to a restart. I have version 1.0, and dont know how or if I should update it.
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    Well dcmidnight, where the heck have you been!!?? This is only the most talked about bug on the Sprint Treo ever!! no worries, just giving you a hard time!

    Check out the following link where you can download the "Sprint Treo600 updater" version 1.10 from Handspring, which will fix the SMS bug.

    Be sure to follow the directions exactly and you shouldn't have any problems.
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    I couldnt find the directions for the installer, I downloaded the file can I just run it off my desktop?

    ** Got it done, thanks!
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