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    Does anyone know if my Sprint Treo 600 will work while I'm skiing in Whister? The Sprint PCS website doesn't seem to think so but I'm skeptical.

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    No SPrint PCS service when I was there three years ago. Maybe they finally came to town.

    Bob Duckworth
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    My old Verizon phone worked there over New Years. Not sure if that means Sprint will definitely work, but I would think it could roam on VZW even if VZW was roaming on something else.
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    While at Whistler from Jan 3rd through Jan 10th roaming is all that worked. The data services did not work on my Sprint Treo 600 phone. In summary all you can do is make a call or receive a call. No caller id, no voice mail alerts, no browsing and no SMS messages. Likewise if you fly into Vancouver BC from the USA.

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