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    Anyone have any luck asking Sprint to enable international roaming on the T600 CDMA? I called 2 different times and they claim that the phone can't roam anyplace other than Canada since it is not a duel band or a tri mode phone. The treo supports 2 freqencies of CDMA (the only 2 I know of). The 2 people I talked to on the phone said that the computer wont even allow them to enable the Treo in the system for international roaming. Of course when I called 2 days before I left for China they were all set to do it but they needed to call me back at a US phone to confirm and that wouldn't happen until after I left. They did enable me for making international calls from the US but not roaming.

    To make a long story short, I was able to make local calls all over China but I was unable to call the US.

    Has anyone ever gotten them to enable a Treo for international roaming?

    Here is the map with world wide CDMA coverage.
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