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    I just called customer service to have them flag my phone for a PRL update.

    I asked the rep if SMS was available yet in my area (Buffalo, NY) so he looked it up and said yes, and that it was $5 a month for unlimited use. (And $10 a month if you didn't already have Vision services.)

    I told him that it should be free and that it should be 'grandfathered' into Vision services. He said yes, but only for 90 days. Did I want him to go ahead and add it to my account? I declined.

    I figured I'd wait and talk to someone else as I have another issue outstanding with tech support that I have to follow up on.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping the rep didn't add it to my account anyway which is what happened to me the last time I declined a $5 a month add-on service (voice dialing).

    I am really getting sick of Sprint "nickel and diming" us with all these add-ons at $5 bucks a pop. I'm gonna be annoyed if SMS is not really free.
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    Well, I dug around a bit and found on that SMS is unlimited NOW but that new pricing plans go into effect Feb 29th.

    After that, 100 text messages (send or receive) is included in Vision and unlimited is $5 per month. That, or you pay an overage fee of 10 per message (send or receive) over 100.

    There's still some confusion on that forum whether this pertains to SMS capable phones that had Vision services prior to the SMS launch. The thought there is that those users may be grandfathered at unlimited SMS usage in perpetuity.

    I'm hoping that's the case, although I doubt I'll be a heavy user of SMS anyway.
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    The truth is that no one outside of Sprint will know for sure what pricing will be until Spring publically announces it. Even people who work for Sprint are saying different things (some CS reps have said what you were told, some what you reported from the SU forum, and some still different things. Sprint may not even have made up it's mind yet.

    But since every other carrier charges for SMS, it won't surprise me if Sprint does, too.
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    I've been receiving SMS notification on my sprint Treo 600 when an email comes into my Yahoo accnt, well over 100 a month. It has been free. I will be very pissed if I have to pay for receiving SMS. you can bet I'll be writing letters to the BBB, FCC to file complaints.
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    Not sure if anyone remebers..

    WHen I first bought my treo 300, it had the ability to text message without Shortmail. Sprint saw this a admitted that they had messed up when selling a phone and not having the resources to support it. So, since PDAAPPS was selling Treo300SMS for 20 bucks, Sprint was crediting people's accounts the same amount so that these treo 300 users could have text to of charge Now it seems that those of us who upgraded to the 600 had the same feature ( text messaging phone to phone) but Sprint was not able to support it when the 600 came out. So here we are text atleast till the 2/29. I wonder if SPrint keep record of the phones we had in the past . Maybe they can see that I should have umlimited messaging since I have a phone that supports it but they do not have the resources to make it functional until this week.

    Just a thought..

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    If Sprint does charge for SMS, I envision the worst:

    As soon as the new pricing takes effect, our Treos "accidentally" get saturated with Spam SMS. It's not too hard to see how this can be easily done, as I've already been hit with spam at least once or twice a day.

    The more I think about it, that Treo600 SMS program looks to be a viable alternative. Only thing is, would Sprint recoginize that program and charge us anyway?

    Someone else mentioned this in a previous post, but if there's a developer out there who can create a Treo Spam filter, that would be great.


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