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    using blazer, I go to the vision portal then messaging, and sign in to the AIM interface through there.

    when I receive an IM, I get an alert that I've received an sms. I click "go" and the text msg is a hyperlink to the AIM conversation back over in blazer (vision).

    I get back to my IM conversation and write back.

    when the other person responds, same thing: alert telling me I have a text msg, which links me back to blazer (unreliably,btw).

    even if I just do OK to the alert and stay in blazer, my sms inbox FILLS with a zillion of these hyperlink msgs that are generated every time someone IMs me.

    I like the free AIM access (loved the verichat trial, unwilling to pay annual fee for it), but these needless sms are aggravating.

    how can I set it to only alert me for the first IM that initiates the conversation instead of each and every IM?
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    The non-SMS option would be to get the PalmOS version of AIM. However, AIM is VERY chatty, so make sure to sign off when you don't want to be reached.

    What you might want to do is set up mobile forwarding, so when you're not signed on, you see the IM text (up to 160 char's) in the SMS, and then could sign on to the PalmOS version, carry on the conversation, then sign off...

    Maybe with Sprint bringing up SMS like the rest of the carriers, AOL will come up with an SMS version for Sprint like they have with the others...

    - Mike
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    sprint doesn't have IM forwarding, but I agree. btw it seems that aol provides the implementation not sprint. so if we are waiting for functionality we should monitor the site.

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