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    I hope I never have to call "*2" or visit the Sprint PCS store again. Feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Yes, I know I was a sucker for waiting this long...but I was constantly led to believe I was just "3-5 business days" from having a working

    12/6/2003 : Account opened with Sprint at Best Buy; Wife takes delivery of phone (Samsung VGA 1000). She requests that her Nextel wireless number be ported. My phone and daughters phone are not in stock. Should be in stock in a couple days.

    12/9/2003 - Day 0 : I pick up my phone (Treo 600) and my daughters phone (Sanyo 8100) at Best Buy. Daughters phone is activated with new number. I request that my Verizon land line number be ported to sprint. I'm told it may take as long as two weeks for this to occur.

    12/15/2003 - Day 6 : Wifes phone is activated with ported Nextel number. My phone still not activated. Any time I try to dial a number I get "Welcome to wireless roaming...". No PCS service on my phone yet either.

    12/19/2003 - Day 10 : Home phone (land line) has been disconnected. Dialing home phone number from another phone, the call simply terminates. I take this as a sign that my Sprint phone is about to go active, but when I try to dial out on it still get the "welcome to wireless roaming" message. Check my number port status on the Sprint web site, still says "In Progress".

    12/20/2003 - Day 11 : I make two phone calls to Sprint customer support (* 2). The first time I am told their system is down, they are unable to look up any porting information and I should call back in 4 hours. Second call they tell me they are having trouble trying to get the port to go through Verizon, there may be some incorrect account information. It appears that my wifes SSN is being used to port the phone from verizion since she took delivery of the first phone her info was used to set up the account. The Verizon account is under my SSN. Customer support makes change to the information so it is using my SSN and says it should clear the problem and activate within 24 to 48 hours.

    12/22/2003 - Day 13 : I call verizon to verify that my land line account was in fact under my SSN (paranoid), and ask about the termination of my land line service. They say accoring to them, the port has gone through from their end back on the 18th, which coincides with my land line no longer working.

    12/26/2003 - Day 17 : My phone is still not activated after 17 days and I have been without a home phone for one week. I call Sprint support (* 2) and explain the situation, they transfer me to their "Tier 2" support personnel. During this two hour phone call, the Sprint tier 2 support person conference calls with another Sprint tech and a Verizon tech. He then tells me the situation has been resolved and transfers me to the Sprint tech. The Sprint tech tells me they had to "find" the number and get it into the Sprint system. It just needs to go through a billing cycle and should be active in the next 24 to 48 hours.

    01/03/2004 - Day 25 : Another week has gone by and the phone is still not activated. I still get the "welcome to wireless roaming" when I try to make an outgoing call. No PCS service either. Status on sprint website still says "In Progress" for my porting request. I make another call back to * 2 explain my situation and ask for the status on my account. She says the port from Verizon is still pending. I request the "Tier 2" support area since they had told me after speaking with Verizon that the number was in fact in Sprints system. The tech say they are no longer transferring to Tier 2. I ask for a manager. The manager (Laaren) again says my account is lising that the port is still pending from Verizon. The latest request to Verizon was made on the 27th and there was no response. I ask what my options are and she says the only option I have is to wait. She also states that some ports may take up to thirty days, but she has never heard of a port taking longer than thirty days. At this point I am ready to cancel my account entirely and go with another provider, but I have to pay a $150 termination fee to do that. (on the other two phones) I ask if there is any way I could maybe get a temporary number and she says she can do that for me. After walking me through the activation process, my phone is finally active with a new number. Sprint PCS is also working. I ask that she make sure the number port request stay open because it is very important that I get my original number when the port finaly goes through. She notes this on my account.

    Later this same day I am calling some friends and relatives to let them know that I finally have a new, temporary phone number where I can be reached. I am told by one family member that when they called my land line number they heard a recording and was wondering what had happened. A recording? Thats strange because last time I had actaully tried calling my land line number weeks ago I just got a disconnect. I try calling my land line number and sure enough I hear "The PCS telephone number you dialed is temporarily not in service"; so it appearantly has made it into Sprints system and yet they are continuing to send porting requests to Verizon.

    01/13/2004 - Day 35 : It has now been over a month since I took delivery of my phone. I happened to be back in the Best Buy store where I had originally made the purchase and I recognize the Sprint rep on site and briefly explain what has happened. He is in shock and say he hass never heard of one taking over a month. He calls customer support and explains the situation to them. The account is still listing the port as "pending". He says it may have to do with the fact that the phone is set to a different number now. He changes my phone back to the original number I am trying to port and attempts an activation. Upon completion, the phone once again is not working. But instead of the "welcome to wireless roaming" message when attempting an outgoing call, now it says "your account can not be validated at this time, (stay on the line for customer support or try again later)". He says he is not sure what is going on with my account, but I should give it at least a few hours, and if it is not working by tonight to call customer service. He says I should also leave it assigned to the number I am porting. So now I am back to no phone at all.

    01/14/2004 - Day 36 : Still getting the "Your account can not be validated at this time" message when making an outgoing call. Called sprint "Tier 1" service and spoke with Chastity. She said the account had a Conversion Failure occur at 6:00 AM this morning. She wrote up a service ticket to have someone look into the problem. She said they are handled by a department within Sprint and I should hear back within 24-48 hours but to give it 72 hours just in case. I gave my Nextel number as a number they are to call me back at.

    01/17/2004 - Day 39 : I was not called back within the 72 hours as I was told, so I again called Sprint customer service. I Spoke with Ramona and explained the situation to her. She agreed that it sounded like the number had been ported but since it was done manually the porting software is still attempting the port from Verizon and not continuing to the next step. She transferred me to the Tier 2 support. (Tier 2 is accepting calls again?) I spoke with David who looked into the matter and said the number does appear to be in the Sprint system but in order to complete the process someone from the Sprint corporate office would have to adjust the account manually. He said he would submit a request to the Sprint corporate office and I should give it until Wednesday. (01/21/2004)

    01/19/2004 - Day 41 : I filed the following complaint with the FCC:
    REGARDING NUMBER: nnn-nnn-nnnn
    SUMMARY: I have had a Sprint PCS cell phone now for well over a month and it has still not been activated and my land-line has been cut off.
    My land line number was supposed to have been ported from Verizon to this Sprint cell phone. Verizon has completed the porting process from their end, but due to an apparent glitch in Sprints number porting software, my number is stuck in limbo. If I call the number, I hear a Sprint message, so the number is in their system somewhere. Verizon has already cut off my home phone since the process is complete from their perspective which means I have been without a phone (home or cell) for an entire month. All I get from Sprint is the run around. I have spent countless hours speaking to them (using my wifes cell phone) most conversations ending in "we have entered a ticket to have someone look into this for you, the phone should be working or you should hear back from us within 48 hours". I have been told this at least five times, no exaggeration, and yet the phone is still not activated and I have never received a single call back from Sprint.
    I know the number is in the Sprint system because if I call the number I Get a "The Sprint PCS number you dialed is not in service at this time" message(try it for yourself!), and yet Sprints number porting system seems to think the number is still with Verizon and therefore is returning errors when it is trying to acquire the number from Verizon. The process is hung up and will not continue to the next step of assigning the number to my phone and activating it, it just keeps trying over and over to contact Verizon for the number. Everyone at Sprint that I've talked to fall into one of two categories; either they don't understand this, or they agree with me about my assessment of the problem but do not know the system well enough to fix it.
    I am hopeful that if someone with a high degree of technical expertise in the Sprint porting process looked into this they would be able to resolve it and activate my phone with the ported number.

    01/21/2004 - Day 43 : Automated response received from FCC. They will attempt to respond to my inquiry within two business days.

    01/21/2004 - Day 43 : Phone is still not working. Placed a call to Sprint to check on the status. Spoke with Shawn who transferred me to Larry (tier 1). Larry said there were no new notes on my account since it had been escalated on the 17th. I was then transferred to Hector (tier 2). I was told that if a situation is escalted to the corporate level (corporate bridge?), as mine was, normal response time is 5 to 7 business days and I should not have been told that it would be resolved by today. Recalculating the response time from my call on the 17th, action should occur between the 26th and 28th of January. (The 19th was a holiday) Hector said that if the phone is not active by Monday the 26th I should call back and ask to speak to a tier 1 or tier 2 manager. He said he would also bring the issue to the attention of his manager, because I am currently at 43 days and that is an unreasonable amount of time to have to wait. He entered a notation on my account that I should be contacted regarding my issue.

    01/22/2004 - Day 44 : Had a breakthrough today. I tried calling my number and got through to voicemail. I turned on my phone and saw that I had a missed call. I called voicemail and went through the set up. I tried accessing the web but got an Error 3000, so it looks like PCS Vision is still not working. I also do not have access to the account management screens on Sprints web site. When I log in it still says "Transfer in Progress" and "Your account cannot be accessed online until your phone number is completely transferred to Sprint. Please try again later."

    01/22/2004 - Day 44 : As of this evening my Sprint Vision network is still not working. I call Sprint technical support, get transferred to the PCS Vision folks who see that my account is still listed as "pending" so they transfer me to the Number Porting department. They tell me that the Vision Networking takes about six to twelve hours to activate once the phone itself is acivated. I still can not access my account online with my ported number. I can log on using my old, temporary number and lookup all information on the other family phones in my account.

    01/23/2004 - Day 45 : Called Sprint back and just informed them that I was not able to log on to the Sprint web site unless I used my old temporary number, and my new number was still listed as "In Progress" even though the port was completed and I am using the phone. They entered a ticket to have the billing area look into it telling me that since the port was completed manually, the trigger to update the billing information (and flag the port as complete) never happened. I should give it 3 to 5 business days. (until 1/30)

    01/28/2004 - Day 50 : Email sent to Sprint using their online form: I have a Sprint account with three phones. I can not log on to the My PCS site with my phone number. I can only log on using the old temporary number that was assigned to me since it took 43 days(!) to port my real phone number. This is ridiculous. Please assign the real number (nnn-nnn-nnnn) to my account and remove the temp number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Please set the porting status of my phone to "completed". (My phone number IS ported despite the status of "in progress" which is displayed on your site. This is a mistake which needs to be cleared.) I wont even get into Vision not working... Thank you!

    01/28/2004 - Day 50 : Response from Sprint: Subject: Re: ID # nnnnnnnnnnnnn Dear xxxxx, I understand you are not able to log on to the Web site. I apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced due to the Web site. Your issue is technical in nature and we have separate technical department to deal with all the technical concerns. please contact us by dialing *2TALK from your PCS Phone or by dialing 1-888-211-4727 from a landline phone. Our specialists will be glad to assist you. Thank you for contacting Sprint. Ridge B. eCare

    01/31/2004 - Day 53 : Called Sprint billing and tier 2 data services. The tier 2 folks tried pushing the provisioning info my phone, but I still was getting the 3000 error. A manager was conferenced in and he stated he's seen this before and the phone was stuck in this state and unable to provision and the only way around it was to have a Sprint store provision the phone manually or replace the phone.

    01/31/2004 - Day 53 : Went to Sprint store to have phone reprovisioned. Dropped off phone and went back a few hours later. They said they can not provision the phone while the porting status is pending.

    01/31/2004 - Day 53 : Called back Sprint to explain the situation. Spoke with Glen in Data Services Tier 2 support and conferenced in Ron in Porting Tier 2 support. They called me back on the ported number to confirm the number had in fact ported and all voice service were active. Ron said the escalation team that would handle this does not work weekends so the issue would be escalated and they would address it Monday. Ron said he would call back on Monday and Glenn said he would follow up with me on Tuesday as he was off the next two days.

    02/03/2004 - Day 56 : Glen called back as promised (Ron had never called me back). He told me that the issue had been submitted to the proper porting area and they have a 72 hour window to work the issue. Said he would keep me on his open call list and contact me at the end of the 72 hour window to give me a status report.

    02/06/2004 - Day 59 : Glen called back at the end of the 72 hour window as he said he would. He indicated that the escalation had worked and my account was being updated as we speak. I logged on to under our second number and did see my number in the account dropdown list, but was not able to access it. Glenn said all services should be activated within a few hours, sometime this evening. He said he'd call me back tomorrow to check the status.

    02/07/2004 - Day 60 : I am able to log in to and see all my account details, however the phone will still not provision, 3000 error. I stopped by the Sprint store to see if they could manually provision the phone as the Tier 2 data services manager had told me on 01/31/2004. They would not provision the phone for me since the port had just completed yesterday and said I should come back in a couple days if the problems persist. Glen called back later that day and informed me that the process had 100% completed and I should be up and running. I told him I could still not get the phone to provision. We tried again, still didn't work. He walked me through a manual provisioning where I set up the vision connection myself, but I still got the 3000 error. He did not have any more suggestions other than to wait and keep trying to provision, he said it may be a network traffic issue.

    02/08/2004 - Day 61 : Still getting the 3000 error whether I try to provision or connect to the Vision connection that I created with Glens help. After reading about Palm's v1.10 update which claims to resolve some provisioning issues, I decide to give that a try. After completion I am still unable to connect with the same 3000 error. Also whenever I try to start the game Klondike, my phone reboots.

    02/09/2004 - Day 62 : Breakthrough! After reading several posts regarding the 3000 error, I decide to try the Sprint store once more and this time specifically ask for a replacement phone. I speak with the manager, Shaun, and he says the techs first have to diagnose the phone for themseleves. I come back two hours later to find that the phone failed diagnostic testing and they agree to replace it. My phone is replaced with a brand new unit which provisions on the first try. Everything on the phone appears to be working, hopefully this is the end of my ordeal with Sprint.
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    OMG - what else can I say? Well, I hope that it was worth all the hassle you have gone through. Did you play with the phone much while you were waiting for service? Now you can do all the neat Vision stuff (Chatter, email, etc.)
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    Originally posted by lb505
    OMG - what else can I say? Well, I hope that it was worth all the hassle you have gone through. Did you play with the phone much while you were waiting for service? Now you can do all the neat Vision stuff (Chatter, email, etc.)
    Yes, I did get to become familiar with all the PDA apps. And at least I got my accessories while I was waiting; 512 SD card, case, stereo headphone jack. And now I already have Snapper up and operational.
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