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    Does anyone know why the treo 600 is not supported by mobitv?
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    no java...(at least offical)

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    are they working on it?
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    maybe...and maybe not.

    They say that they are developing it for other phones (they won't say which) and to check their website for the list of supported phones.

    I'd say until Sun releases an offical version of Java, then MobiTv won't release an application for the Treo.

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    I believe Palm is working on the T600 Java VM... I don't remember an exact release date, if one was even given, but hopefully it'll be soon...

    - Mike
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    Well I think we should get this it really is sad that phones that are a lot cheaper get streaming audio and video and we here on the treo cant. It is quite sad.
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    I spoke with the MobiTV guy at CES and he said the requests for their product on the Treo 600 had been overwhelming. He said they were not initially planning on it but the positive response had changed their minds. I think we can expect to see it on the 600 after the Java release.
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    So do you think we will be getting it this spring?
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    the sooner the better, I seriously wouldn't mind being able to watch a little phoneTV during my breaks.

    hopefully they keep the offer to use the freebie money sprint gives with there vision packs and keep it at 10$/mo; that way it's free for me ;p.
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    I sure hope that we get it soon. I don't think sprint gives as much support and respect to the treo as they should.
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    I have a Treo 600, and a VM 4500 Ready link phone, I have the mObi TV on the ready link phone by sanyo. it works on all of sprints VM and RL phones
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    Well that all well and good but we want it for the treo. :-)
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    so what are your opinions on mobitv at least people who have seen it running?

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