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    Scenario: You're on the phone with Caller A. Caller B calls. You ask Caller A to hold, swap to Caller B and then you either a) tell Caller B that you'll call them back or b) tell them to hold while you tell Caller A that you'll return their call later.

    Now critical question: HOW DO YOU END JUST ONE OF THOSE CALLS??? There is no button on the Treo 600 to terminate just one call, rather the button is to "Hang Up All Calls". It seems that you have to rely on the other party to end the call. Am I having an early senior moment here?

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    I haven't been able to figure that one out either. Maybe we need to RTFM, but it should be easier than it is.

    Even after caller 1 hangs up and I'm talking to caller 2, sometimes the line to caller 1 stays open, and then when I DO hang up all calls, the dial tone from the caller 1 will call me back....!
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    In the scenario you've described, what you do is hang up on all calls. What should happen is that the line you have active gets dropped and the line that was on hold calls you back ...or appears to, anyway (the line only rings on your end). This whole thing is buggy and annoying and ...well, it sucks. Unfortunately, this is apparently a limitation of the CDMA network and isn't really anyone's fault, exactly. It might be possible that Sprint could have set this up better or that Handspring could have created some kind of fantastic tool to deal with the situation, but, basically, welcome to the rest of your life.

    For further fun times with the Sprint Treo 600, why not try to create a conference call with your two incoming calls. You can't! Haha!! Wasn't that fun?

    Also, even better than reading the manual: try searching for an answer before posting.
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    Originally posted by snerdy
    Also, even better than reading the manual: try searching for an answer before posting.
    Thanks for the response. Though I was not the original poster, I previously did a search I didn't find what I needed. Also, there have been no posts or threads on this topic in ages. It was entirely OK to start this thread, IMHO.

    Your post was both helpful and humourous. Why couldn't you have just stopped there? If you wanted to offer more, you could even go so far as to point us to the relevent threads with a link!
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    Originally posted by GalenMD
    point us to the relevent threads
    Well, there's this one, which is very good. Here's another one that's not so good, but it contains a link to this one which is informative. Here is one more and here is another. Search? Obviously fruitless. Not to mention that posting this thread twice was obviously easier than searching for the answer.

    P.S. I'm glad you found help and humor in my post, sorry about the abrasiveness.
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    Too bad that the threads were lost...

    Anyone remember what was said? My biggest complaint is I can be on a call, put it on hold, try to contact someone else for a 3-Way call, but if I get the second party's voice mail I can't go back to the first call! I have to "Hang up All". Very annoying.
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    Try hitting backspace instead. This should return you to the dial pad (or your wallpaper) but the first call should appear to call you right back, as you didn't actually press the "Hang up all calls" button.

    - Mike

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