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    Several of us with Treo 600s at work are experiencing the following:

    Treo heats up (warm to touch), starts draining battery (20% loss in one hour alone) and then quit working altogether because of battery drain.

    Don't know what why. Even the charger results in a totally white screen. Only a soft reset restores it, but it keeps happening twice in three days.
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    my treo gets a bit warm to on a super long call. It never resets. I'd try sandman or mlights, something to turn the screen off when your on a call. You could always call for a replacement
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    mine just started getting hot occasionally, and a rapid battery drain follows.
    I don't know if something's running, or going beserk, or what.
    Not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Just using common sense, I turn off the wireless (which hangs on disconnect, but that's another story!), but I don't know what else to do.
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    Running it under cold water from the tap, or leaving it in a glass of icewater for about 30 minutes, clears this right up.
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    Is it searching for a signal?
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    woof-already tried that. didn't work.
    burkhardi-no, this happens when I'm in a full signal area. but it's happened several times. I know when I feel the back of my treo getting warm that the battery is about to do it's swan dive drain.
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    I had this problem a few weeks ago. Seemed like it would occur more and more frequently. I did a hard reset and used the treo with only native programs and still had the problem.
    So I took it back to get a replacement. I never did get any answers about what may have been the cause.

    P.S. I don't know if it could be related but at the same time the overheating started I developed a white spot on my screen. Not sure if they're connected but worth noting.
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    You could also try the battery reset. I saw it on palmone support site. sorry dont have the link.
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    what will a battery reset do that a hard reset does not?
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    I remember seeing that too, it was on the PA1M One support site and it someting likr this.....It's disconnects the battery, it's like turning the whole thing off, not sleep mode like it normaly is, but the battery dsiconnected and it's 100% off.
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    what will that do to my provisioning and radio?
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    Probably hose the whole thing, it's more harcore then a Hard reset. you would need a full back up. Let me search for the info so I am not feeding you BS by mistake
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    We have a winner,CASE=887

    Battery Disconnect Reset

    A battery disconnect reset is a last resort step you can take to quickly drain the battery, wipe all data, and regress a Treo 600 to its factory-fresh state. It only works on a Treo 600 smartphone.
    Warning: A battery disconnect reset will erase everything on your device, and also reset the wireless radio and disconnect the internal battery. All your data will be removed, and formats, preferences and other settings are restored to their factory default settings. Don't perform a battery disconnect reset unless you've backed up your data, or you're willing to lose everything.

    Additionally, you won't be able to turn your Treo 600 back on until you connect it to a power adapter, so do not perform this type of reset if you're not near a power source and your Treo 600 charger.

    Hold down the K and Backspace keys simultaneously. (Note: for French AZERTY keyboard, press K and M; for other language overlays, please refer to the customer support for your region)
    While continuing to hold down the K and Backspace keys, press the RESET button inside the hole on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?).
    Finding it hard to do? Good. We made this type of reset very awkward to perform, so that it would not happen by accident when your Treo 600 is jostling around in a pocket or bag. Sorry for the inconvenience. You might want to enlist the help of a dextrous friend if you find it too difficult.
    Continue holding down K and Backspace. The screen will flash white briefly, and then go black. Release K and Backspace after this happens.
    To revive your Treo 600, connect it to the AC charger and plug the charger into a socket. The screen will stay blank for several seconds (as long as half a minute), then it will turn on. The LED will glow solid red, indicating charging.
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    nice find! My concern is this-I did a hard reset a month or so back, and lost my provisioning data. CS couldn't fix it over the phone, so I had to go into a Sprint store. They couldn't fix it either and they ended up having to replace my phone. So, my worry is will the battery reset essentially do the same thing to the phone radio and internet provisioning, thus requiring more of the same c**p?
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    your backlit my be the problem try to set it to off mybe that will help It helped me

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