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    I have been experiencing connection errors with sprint and am wondering whether anyone else has had the same probelm.

    From my office (in midtown Manhattan), suddenly my Treo 600 does not connect to Sprint's service (except VERY sporadically (once/twice a day)). Rather than switching to roam (which I do have enabled; and I know Verizon has blanketed this area), it stays on Sprint, usually showing full signal strength. When I try to make a call, the signal will then go down to one or no bars, and then it will report connection lost. SOMEtimes it will then flip to roaming and the telephone will work fine.

    My colleague has had no problems with his Treo 600 (he sits 10 feet away).

    A half block away and the problem disappears.

    The interesting thing is that I've had my Treo since November, and I've always been able to use it from my office (phone and web/vision services).

    The only change I can see is that I did the upgrade to 1.10 (a week or so ago).

    When I spoke with a Sprint rep, other than suggesting *2 to update roaming profile (which I was able to do from my home later that evening), she was stumped. I have done soft resets and even a hard reset to see if that changed anything - it didn't.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? Suggestions?


    PS My Treo has the 1.10-SPR software and is hardware version C.
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    Sounds like your treo is getting confused/in a dead spot. It's probably the signal in your exact location. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    That is what it sounded like to me as well. The strange thing is that I've been using my Treo in this exact spot since November. Also, my colleague is able to use his Treo literally 10 feet away (and I find there is no difference in my reception from his office - the same problems for me there as well).

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