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    I performed the Sprint 1.1 Update for the TReo 600 and in the process the final step of Synchronizing the data back from Outlook 2000 the Synchronization stopped. I waited for 10 minutes and nothing happened. Resynched and all my data in Outlook was erased including 20 years of contacts.

    When the upgrade is performed a copy of the TREo Data is temporarily stored somewhere. Doses anybody know the name of this file and where it is stored and how to recover it.

    This is as you can imagine an absolute disaster
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    I have no idea but I wanted you to know that someone at least replied to your post
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    Check under your handspring directory and see if the contacts and calendar directories are still there. Hopefully they haven't been overwritten or something. I would advise you to copy and paste them to a safe place just in case. Also, goto your palm desktop and select desktop overwrites palm under the hotsyn prefs. You can specifically select to have contacts overwrite from the desktop. Hopefully the next time you sync the contacts will be restored to your treo...

    P.S. For future reference, it vital you always do a separate backup (via backuman or whatever) independent of hotsync whenever installing news apps or prior to major updates...
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