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    Has anyone actually gotten their Sprint rebate ?

    Mine was marked invalid "must activate a $35 plan or more".
    Since I'm on a $35 plan, paying more than that per month with Vision and have never been a Sprint customer before, something smells fishy here...

    Still working on the rebate customer service line (if you thought the normal customer service wait was long, try this one...).
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    I've received my $150 check (two year activation). All told, it took about 6 weeks.
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    Originally posted by Indicator
    I've received my $150 check (two year activation). All told, it took about 6 weeks.
    Same here.

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    about 8 weeks I got back my $100 rebate from Sprint and my $200 rebate from Amazon. Went very smoothly for me, but I've lost out on rebates before from other sources.
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    Here's a good one: now it says I haven't activated my account.
    The funny thing is that I'm using the phone & paying them money.

    From the attempts so far, I don't think that their rebate call-in line actually connects to anyone. Of course they only lose money by answering their phone, so who can blame them.

    "I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this..."

    Buyer beware!
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    Mine was applied as a credit to my initial two statements.
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    I received a $75 check in the mail...and a $75 credit on my last statement. Thought that was a roundabout way of doing things....
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    Got my $150 from Sprint in about 6 weeks. No problems. Now I'm waiting on the $200 rebate.
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    The same thing happened to me and I got a bit of the runaround.
    Started at "" to check on my rebate where I saw it as declined.
    Called Sprint who said I had to have a $35 plan or over to qualify. I did (with the vision add-on). They told me I had to bring this up with Handspring as the rebate went through them.
    Called Handspring where I finally got a person who told me I had to call Sprint back.
    Called Sprint back where I explained all of this and was lucky enough to get a knowledgeable agent who understood this and processed my rebate for me.
    Received the rebate about 2-3 weeks later.
    Time spent on the phone altogether = 1 hour.
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    My $150 rebate is being used to pay my first couple of bills. I owe Sprint ~$14 come mid-March.

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