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    Don't get rid of your Treo600SMS app yet. Here are some interesting test results from the Los Angeles area SprintPCS:

    With Treo600SMS disabled:
    -Outgoing SMS' addressed to my phone take about 30 seconds to arrive back at my phone.
    -Messages sent to will send out but are not received by my Treo 600 or my wife's Treo 600.
    -Messages sent to a regular e-mail address is sent normally.

    With Treo600SMS enabled:
    -Outgoing messages still uses Vision for web access.
    -Incoming messages no longer appears to use vision (it no longer says "retrieving message"). It appears to come in as a SMS message.
    -Outgoing SMS' addressed to my phone number (10 digit number) take about the same time as with Treo600SMS disabled (30 seconds).
    -Messages sent to take only about 5 seconds round trip!
    -If using the e-mail gateway (as above), it does not open the chat threat feature, but you can respond to an incoming message quickly and use it with "chat like" speed.

    Hopefully SprintPCS' SMS will be faster soon. Seems the delay is in the upload part of it.
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    i'm trying to build up a model of how SMS works (with or without real Sprint SMS support, with or without Treo600SMS). and for the record, i own and use a copy of Treo600SMS.

    i thought that SMS was a way to both send and receive short text messages without an IP data link (without sprint's "vision" service). when messages are sent this way, they are addressed by phone number, not by a hybrid email address which encodes a phone number + a server name.

    i thought that sprint offered a service which turned the receipt of email sent to a hybrid email address ( into an SMS message sent to the corresponding phone.

    what i don't understand is how Treo600SMS worked before Sprint "enabled" SMS. i'm guessing that it used IP ("vision") to send by routing the message to a PDA server which, in turn, plugged into an SMS interface somewhere to do the delivery via real SMS. i'm also guessing that the reception of an SMS message worked via the real SMS service even before it was "enabled" by sprint.

    so does any of this explain your observations?

    - slow send/receive when Treo600SMS is disabled (when using the Sprint "enabled" SMS client) would be explained by slowness within Sprint. okay, wipe the shocked grins off your faces now :-).

    - not receiving messages sent to the hybrid email address when Treo600SMS is disabled is not explained at all. if it converted email to an SMS send before the real SMS was turned on, why wouldn't it continue to do so?

    - messages sent to a regular email address continue to work because it has nothing to do with SMS at all. although it does seem to imply that the Sprint SMS client (which can apparently send normal email messages?) is an IP user ("vision" user). does anyone know if this is the case? or are the emal messages limited in size (like a normal SMS message) so that the send is still performed via SMS (not via IP/"vision") and then only later turned into a real email message by some Sprint server?

    - with Treo600SMS turned on, outgoing messages still use vision for web access. this sounds like you know that the PDA app client uses HTTP and IP (HTTP + "vision") to send proto-SMS messages to the PDA app gateway so that they can be turned into real SMS send's? so that the Sprint-enabled SMS "send" operation isn't used at all by Treo600SMS? is that what you're saying?

    - incoming messages no longer use IP ("vision"). does this mean that reception of an SMS message via Treo600SMS before real SMS has been turned on by Sprint *did not* take place via real SMS? that PDA's SMS gateway also "receives" SMS messages destined for the phone number and turns them into a send via IP to the Treo600SMS client? which would imply in turn that Treo600SMS connects to a PDA app server and maintains that connection (a kind of "presence" connection) so that it receive these messages?

    i'd really like to see an explanation of SMS and Treo600SMS from someone that understands the details. this probably means someone from PDA apps.
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    There are a lot of post on this(the original post).
    If you go to the SprintPCS page and LOG IN, and then goto the messaging area, you can send an SMS and either have Sprint decide(best meathod) or you choice the sending method. If I let sprint choose, then it never gets to my wifes Samsung A-460, If I select the SMS, then it does (I assume it's Short Mail). I have to use her ALways had to use her, even with the old Sprint SMS. I could never send to just her 10digit.

    PDAapps is a proxy per sa and there is no telling what they do ont their end, but it works.


    Mobile-Originated Short Message Service.

    The ability to send short text messages from a phone. Both the phone and the carrier's network must support this feature for it to work.

    Messages can be sent to other phones by phone number. Many phones also allow sending messages directly to e-mail addresses (requires network support, although this is very common).
    This is from a Glossary at Phone Scoop and it how I assumed that the Sprint MO-SMS would work. But I have found that only Treo600SMS works this way (the correct way) and the MO-SMS with the native app does not. Perhaps it's due to not being rolled out 100% yet, I think it's due to Sprint wanting to make you either pay for the service, or get a newer phone, in othe words, you have to still use a web site for some phones and perhaps SPrint hopes that will get old and you'll spring for the $5 or $10 to have MO-SMS or a phone that supports it.

    So I think that you should be able to send to a 10digit or a, hoever I think that SPrint is the one that make that so you can't, either on purpose or due to it not being fully rolled out yet. I believe the first.

    Just my 2-cents.
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    Specifically, your MO-SMS messages are sent to the PDAapps SMS proxy server which acts as a front-end to the SprintPCS short mail system, and uses this system to send your message. When your phone receives notification of new shortmail, it asks the PDAapps SMS proxy to retrieve any new shortmail messages and send them to the device as normal text messages. The whole system depends on your having always-on access to Sprint's 3G network
    Off of PDAapps site for TreoXXXSMS
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    Why would you need to send to 10digit@messaging... if you know their phone number? Just put in their number. Sprint's system is actually smart. I sent an SMS from my T600 to someone that doesn't have SMS capability, and they had to go to the web to read/respond, which would be appropriate. Why read it in one place and send it in another?

    I would imagine that sending to 10digit@anothercarrier.whatever would go through just fine though.

    - Mike

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