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    Website(sprint) says etrade is a preferred partner but can't access etrade.

    Etrade website says sprintpcs is a preferred wireless partner as well.

    Is there some security setting I have to change? (cookies are enabled)

    Also can't find any web clipping apps on handspring or palmone websites for etrade that could help.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I contacted eTrade about this last week through the contact link on their site, but haven't heard anything back... I'm sure that calling them won't help any, but if you want to try that route, let us know what they said...

    - Mike
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    Unfortunately, E*TRADE's wireless website doesn't work with the T600 as it did with the T300. I'm having to use the regular website and switch between Optimized / Wide views as necessary, because not all of the functionality of the wireless websites are working with this new version of Blazer.

    The wireless links E*TRADE uses are as follows:

    WAP -
    WML -

    These are the only two wireless websites EveryPath is contracted to provide on behalf of E*TRADE. EveryPath suggested that if enough people contact E*TRADE and let them know we want a wireless website that works with the T600, maybe they'll do it.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. - Not a good idea to post the same message to 5 different forums. People don't like that and will usually ignore you.

    P.P.S. - For those of you who don't have anything better to do and are thinking of posting a response as to why I posted my reply in the same 5 forums, let me save you the trouble. I obviously did it so that other "newbies" would be directed to one thread instead of continuing 5 different posts on the same question. End of story!
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    Finally found this answer. Since everypath "owns" the domain, wouldn't stand to reason, that this isn't very secure? (I have no idea who everypath is.)
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    Bump. In case anyone has any idea when/if etrade will have a PDA-friendly version on their own servers.

    Everypath's servers are extremely slow, and their password field can only handle limited characters. Still no fix or word from them.

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