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    Hi y'all,

    I'm very intrigued by the possibility of using ShoutCast on my Treo, but very worried about getting in trouble with Sprint.

    Last I had read on the forum, some people were getting huge bills, but haven't heard much in the last couple of months.

    Anyone have the definitive word on this from Sprint?

    Thanks for any info!

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    I think there's a clue in how Sprint is set up in your area. I live in Sacramento, and when I travel south down Hwy 99 and use web services in Lodi or Galt, I sometimes see "wireless web minutes" show up on my invoice. Sprint tells me that some of their service areas still bill for data minutes by accident, and that they are upgrading their system to stop doing that. They always credit me the minutes.

    I've used Shoutcast a lot when I drive around town, and in Sacramento, I've never seen a bill for it. Just guessing here - but I think the people getting hit with charges are those people in areas that still bill for "wireless web minutes" as in my upper example. Although there have been some reports of people being told they owe the charges initially, once they get through to a Sprint rep who knows what they are talking about, they get credited for the charge.

    Anyone seen different? Beuller? Bueller?
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    I think, Sprint determines whether or not they think you are using an attached computer by the amount of data you use. They assume the Treo (like other phones except the PocketPC phones) will use a smallish amount of data and Shoutcast goes over that amount. Calling and explaining to a rep can get the charges nulled since you are within the TOS.

    My fear is, if we keep using large amounts of data, getting the same classification as the PocketPC phones and no more $15 vision (signifigantly more instead).

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