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    Just sent my first true SMS from my Sprint Treo 600 from Ashburn, VA (about 25 miles west of DC)!


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    Guess this should be in the Sprint PCS forum. Oops. Move me! ;-)

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    Not up in Baltimore. Maybe soon - but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    Not up in Northwest DC.
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    I was able to send a message (Fairfax Fair Lakes area) but I never received it as I sent it to my work email address.
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    No luck in Pentagon City. Getting the "service will be available soon" message.
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    works in herndon.

    And hello to a fellow NoVa Jeep owner! Fun ride in today?
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    No SMS at the Kennedy Center in NW DC. I'm guessing that adding spotty service in random parts of VA was probably a day's work for Sprint...I'm sure they're busy napping.
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    i sent an SMS to myself, but didn't receive it yet. i still have 'way way sms', just now its the OTHER WAY LOL!!!
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    Dosen't work in Germantown either

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    I got it to work in Springfield today.
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    No SMS in the Ft Meade/Odenton/Columbia area of MD.
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    No go in Falls Church.

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    No go here in DC still. I'm located in the Foggy Bottom area, NW DC. What the heck is taking so long???
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    Just tried it successfully in Fairfax (Fair Lakes). I have NOT installed the firmware update.
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    I had no luck in Alexandria this morning even though I got it to work in Springfield yesterday.
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    It seems to work sometimes for me, and other times I get the not available yet message. Location doesn't appear to matter.

    Sprint hasn't officially said it's available yet.
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    My SMS was working here in the Fair Lakes Herndon area until now. Now when I send an SMS i get the following:

    "Message sending failed. Please resend"

    Has anyone else gotent this error this morning or could try to see if it works?
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    I get the not available yet, wait for the SMS available message in Kingstowne.
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    It works great out here in Warrenton VA.......
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