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    The title of this discussion really should be changed since to my knowledge SMS has not yet worked anywhere in the District of Columbia.

    Sprint how about your start with the nation's capitol next time you do a roll out!
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    working since this a.m. where I live, in Baltimore, but if I travel 2-miles west ... it doesn't!
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    Works fine for me in both Herndon/Sterling and McLean/Tysons Corner...

    - Mike
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    Started working TODAY in Northbrook, IL (suburb of Chicago).

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    It's up in NW DC!!!
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    Yup, just sent myself a little test in the heart of Georgetown. Got it in my Outlook!
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    Works in Kingstowne now.
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    It works in Foggy Bottom DC, i dont think people understand how excited i am
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    NW D.C. up and running!@#
    what were we, last?!?
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