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    I have Sprint's Business Connection Personal Edition up and running with my Treo 600, linked to my corporate Lotus Notes e-mail. It works great, except when I send e-mail from the Treo. Then, the messages show up for other Notes users with bad formatting -- most notably, there are no line breaks. This means the message is one extremely long line, which does not "wrap". Obviously, this makes sending e-mail from the handheld pretty useless.

    I've drawn a blank on how to overcome this problem in either Lotus Notes or BC set-up/preferences. Any ideas??

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    After much time with Sprint support, the unsatisfactory answer I finally received is, "It's a known issue, Business Connection PE does not work properly with Lotus Notes e-mail because Lotus Notes defaults to a 128 bit line length. It will probably be addressed in a future release".

    Frustrating, given the fact that both Sprint and Seven (the actual developer) advertise this software as supporting Lotus Notes. So much for truth in advertising.

    The good news...Visto's MessageExpress --in the special Treo version-- is a great alternative, even at $99 per year. Supports push mail via SMS and uses the 5-way toggle well.

    Seven and Business Connection, take note.
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    128 bit line length? That sounds like a complete BS response - that would be 16 characters per line - which I'm guessing your email doesn't look like (nor does mine). Plus, it isn't like the line breaks occur at the wrong time - there's just none at all, no matter how long the line.

    So, it sounds like options are:

    1. Try Visto MessageExpress or another tool.
    2. Talk to Seven and see if they have an updated client.
    3. Wait from Sprint's outstanding customer support to solve it.

    Does anyone know if BizConnEE has the same problem? The same thing happens if I post through the site, so I assume this is a PE issue...
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    Thanks. The Sprint answer didn't make much sense to me. Didn't see much opportunity for direct service from Seven, after browsing their site. I think the updated client needs to come through Sprint.

    Have been working with Visto, but have recurring problems with (a) their server intermittently NOT forwarding mail that I've sent from the handheld, and (b) Occassional bouts of their server sending the same messages repeatedly. Have had these problems on both my old Kyo 7135 (glad to be out of that dog phone) and the Treo. Seems to baffle the Visto folks every time.

    Am hoping to get either the BC or Visto problems ironed out -- but may also look at BaseJet. Any experience with that?

    Looking forward to summer and the supposed rollout of the Palm/Blackberry service arrangement, so I can use our own corporate Blackberry server to support e-mail on the Treo.

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