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    If I open the SMS program and reply to a current thread, the message is received. If I open the SMS program, create a new SMS, and type just a ten digit phone number, the SMS is received.

    But if I open the SMS app and look up a number in my contact list, the number is shown with formatting:


    When I send a message this way, it reports that it's being sent, but it never shows up. I've tried sending messages to myself and to a Verizon phone--both in Austin, TX.

    As a side note, is there any way to not have the number-lock thing on automatically when I go to send a new SMS? I normally would like to just type the initials of the recipient rather than typing numbers, but to do so I have to turn off the num-lock thing.

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    Re: Sms Working Partially...

    Also, Could anyone confirm, if an SMS sent to an email account is being received. I tried sending a couple to my own account, n i have not receieved a single one of them bak.
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