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    Please add to this thread as your city comes on line

    It's up in Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas

    San Antionio, Texas

    Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas

    Please add to this thread as your city comes on line
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    Certain parts of Mountain View, California
    San Jose, CA
    Santa Clara, CA
    Palo Alto, CA
    Oakland, CA

    It is NOT yet working in San Francisco and most of the peninsula.
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    San Ramon (East Bay, CA) is up
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    houston, texas
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    Milwaukee, WI area up
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    New York City is working.
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    Originally posted by vflopez
    New York City is working.
    Manhattan is working. Nothing's happening in the outter boroughs yet.
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    Los Angeles (well, Burbank) is up. 6:49AM 2/5/04

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    I can send in Des Moines & Ottumwa, IA.
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    Many parts of the Peninsula (San Fran bay area) were turned on at midnight February 5th, including Redwood City possibly all the way up to South San Francisco. This means we now have San Jose, all the way up to South SF, over to Oakland, covered.

    Are there any parts of the bay area still not working?
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    Redmond, WA - (and presumably Seattle)
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    Iowa City, IA
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    Rancho Santa Margarita in South Orange County--between LA and San Diego.
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    in Boise, ID
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    YES it is in all cities from Salinas to SFO (checked all of them):
    Morgan Hill
    San Jose
    Santa Clara
    Mountain View
    Palo Alto
    Menlo Park
    Redwood City
    San Carlos
    Foster City
    San Mateo

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    Working in Santa Clarita, CA and Woodland Hills, CA - Both locations in LA County.
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    Working in Portland, Or
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    up and running in Medford Oregon. just curious what the cost is gonna be? might end up going back to pdaapps
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    Exton, PA was working ... stopped around 3:22pm. Grrrr.

    Update: 2/9/04
    I'm still missing some incoming messages. I don't get the service isn't available message anymore tho.
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    working in Albany, Oregon.
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