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    Working on the west side of the Twin Cities. (Plymouth/Minnetonka Area)

    I'd guess it's working everywhere in the Twin Cities.
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    SMS is working in Tucson!
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    We have a "go" in West Palm Beach a/o Feb 8th.
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    SMS is now up and runnning in South Bend, IN!

    Tried it early this morning. I think South Bend must have come online at the same time as Chicago.

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    Up and running in Staten Island, NY
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    Does anyone know if it works in little rock area? I livein chicago, and never got a text to let me know that it is up and running, I was in indanapolis last weekend and it worked there, but on my way back to chicago NoSMS. this site is great. Well if anyone knows about the Little Rock Area please let me know MBERSE@AOL.COM thank you
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    Working as of 2/10 in Pittsburgh, PA area.
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    Philly Works! Of Course "Network Search" is also prevelant.
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    The minneapolis/st. paul area along with the rest of minnesota appears to have SMS. (ieL
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    Omaha, Nebraska is up and going.
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    Birmingham AL is up and running. I don't know when it started, since I have not had service for the past 10 days do to WLNP issues.
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    SMS has been up for almost a week now in Philadelphia - never got the notification - anxious to see what Sprint does with the billing....
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    up and runnign(@#$@! finally) in stpete and tampa 'cept for that dang pesky bridge

    PS since none of my freinds are cool enougj to understand the treo im lookign ofr anyone in the tapabay area with a 600(preferbly cdma) to chat with email me or AIM nuropath or Kfr3sh thru verichat to the phone
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    works in Green Bay,WI
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    ...was in Chicago last week and discovered that it works "on accident", and was pleased to see that it STILL worked when I got home to Los Angeles this week. *whew* But I never did receive the text message saying that it was active (gee, thanks Sprint). Also, strangely enough, my friend in Chicago using her Sanyo camera/flip-phone (forgot the model, but its relatively new) still has to go online and use Short Mail... even though Mo-SMS was working on my Treo. I guess we're the lucky ones?
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    sms working in Waitsfield VT
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