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    SMSworking in Whitestone (Queens) NY
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    SMS working in N Bergen NJ
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    I should change that to parts of N Bergen NJ, the part on the Hudson, across from Manhattan. Probably picking up a NYC tower.

    Originally posted by newtreouser
    SMS working in N Bergen NJ
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    Works great in Dallas and burbs
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    Looks like North Bergen, NJ is working.
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    It's working in the North/Central Florida Area. Some Cities/Interstates I've used it in....


    I've had service here immediately upon applying the update on the day after it was released.
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    It is up in miami....
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    Up in Tallahassee, and in Panama City
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    so despondent - nothing in hamden/new haven ct area yet...!
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    SMS is finally up in Raleigh, NC!!!!!

    Its about time.
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    It's finally up in the Chicagoland area!
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    SMS working in CT
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    Working in Washington, DC
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    Working in Dearborn as of 2/9 @ 8pm.
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    San diego CA,as of 2/10/04
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    Memphis, Tennessee
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    SMS works in Berkeley (duh, I guess Oakland isn't that different) and also in Truckee/Reno area around lake Tahoe.

    On another note, my SMS app is rebooting on send or exit about 80% of the time. Usually the messages still get sent... I already ran the update to 1.10. Did I do ti wrong? should I try it again? Or is this a known issue?
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    Rochester, NY is up and running.
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    As mentioned above, Rochester, NY does work today.

    A potentially interesting side note: I got 5 copies of the same message this afternoon. Perhaps about the time SMS was being enabled.
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