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    sms is working in roswell, nm remotest location on earth.
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    Still not working in DC or MD suburbs.
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    Working in Indianapolis, IN
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    I thought mine was working earlier in the week when I sent a message and it wasn't kicked back, but it never arrived. However.....this morning I sent myself a test message and I got it almost immediately. So, I'm saying New Orleans has it. I think!

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    Not working in South Bend, IN
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    not working in Chicago, IL or suburbs
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    Working in Spokane Wa as of the last hour.

    Funny I am excited and I never use SMS. Wierd.

    Anyone know if it works to send to other carriers?

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    It's a miracle. Actually working this morning in Hollywood Hills...
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    Originally posted by Woof
    Working in Spokane Wa as of the last hour.

    Funny I am excited and I never use SMS. Wierd.

    Anyone know if it works to send to other carriers?

    Just type in their phone number, type your message and hit "Send".
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    SMS may be up in Olympia, WA area.
    I was able to send and receive SMS to myself without error.
    I have sent a few SMS to a few of my friends (both on Sprint and other carriers), but I have yet to hear back.
    I am sending with the phone number only (not to the e-mail address).

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    Working fine in Springfield, MO for about 2 weeks.
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    nothing yet in Pittsburgh
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    Drove from Sacramento (Elk Grove) to Livermore this morning and chatted the whole way down.

    All good with these fine California cities.
    Elk Grove

    Also chatted with folks on Verizon and AT&T Wireless phones with no noticeable delay. SMS is my new favorite app!
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    Started working in Sacramento today. This afternoon I was messaging my wife (we both got Treo 600s in December, I had to give up my Sidekick, poor GSM service by T-Mo in Sac, Treos better anyway) who was in the Bay Area.

    Also messaging a friend here in Sac. who bought his Treo 600 after seeing all the fun I was having with mine.

    bakerman 1 my wife is from Medford Or, was up there for Thanksgiving. love going to Ashland and Jackson.
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    Hollywood, California
    Downtown Los Angeles, California

    Working here
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    Working in Duluth, MN
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    I tested it at the Brooklyn side of the Battery tunnel on my way to manhattan and it worked. Just tested it back in brooklyn and it still works. Go Sprint!!!!
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    Still nothing in South Bend, IN
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    Still waiting here in sunny Tampa, FL.

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    Still not working in Raleigh, NC.
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