I need some help and suggestions with this dilemma (basically, I feel I was screwed by Sprint).

Last Friday, 1/30/04, I called Sprint's 1800 number inquiring about the Treo 600, and I ended up signing up for a 2 year contract, and bought 2 phones. I bought the Treo 600, and the Samsung VGA 1000. The girl who helped me seemed very nice, and gave me the following deal:

$45 for 500 shared minutes
$15 PCS Vision Picture Pack
$5 Voice option
She told me the $20 monthly charge to add a line and share minutes would be forever waived. She said if I ordered before 2/1/04, I would be "grandfathered in", and would never be charged for sharing minutes.

She also told me that they had the Treo 600 in stock, and it would be shipped the same day, Friday 1/30/04. She talked me into the VGA 1000, saying what a great phone it was, and how great the camera is.

Well, the phones shipped yesterday AM (2/2/04), and they arrived today. Unfortunately, they sent 2 different phones than I had ordered. They sent me the Treo 300, and the Samsung VI 660.

After spending over 3 hours on the phone today, nothing was resolved. The Treo 600 is now out of stock. A customer care rep finally told me that she would research it, and call me back tomorrow. Since I was concerned about if my original calling plan would be honored, she told me the $20 fee for sharing minutes would only be waived for 3 months, and then I would incur the charge every month (total charge of over $400 over the life of the contract). She told me my sales rep never should have offered me the plan that she did.

So, what do you think I should do? I have nothing in writing since the order was placed over the phone. All I have is the sales rep's first name, and call center city. I feel like I agreed to a 2 year contract with Sprint, and now they are trying to change not only the phones I ordered, but also the calling plan fees they promised. Should I bite the bullet? Should I fight to have my agreed upon plan honored, and wait for the Treo 600 to become available? Or should I just say screw it, and run away from Sprint?

Thanks for your time and thoughts.