Hi, I was thinking this evening, that I have an easy way to fix my Treo 600, that Sprint royal screwed up with the updater software.

As I posted b4, I installed the updater and it crashed my treo in terms of going online.

Sprint tried to figure out fixing it, while I had them on the phone with tech support.

The best they came up with is that I have to bring it in to the closest Sprint full line store and they can remove the software.

However, it took ME THE MORON (LMAO), a few days to realize that I have my treo b/u to 2 computers my desktop and my laptop. The updater was installed by my desktop. So I fired up my laptop and low and behold, I was able to overwrite the updated software from my laptop with the orginal software that worked just fine.

To me this is a big deal. I have made the fact that I am disabled no secret on this site. The nearest sprint store is about 100 miles round trip. Years ago, b4 I became disabled that would have been not a big deal. But now, 100 miles is a big deal 4 me to manage.

Take care, Jay