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    Can you read PowerPoint email attachments from the Handspring email app? I using Documents To Go version 6.005 and so far I've had no luck.
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    Yes, I can, if they have been converted to the DTG format. Unlike Excell and Word, DTG doesn't support Power Point in the Native form. They use Slide Show To Go to view it.

    Try this test.
    Send a normal Excell file via the HS client.
    It should open

    Sned a power point that has been covnerted, like the sample that came with the DTG disj calle d"Sample-Closing the deal "or something llike that. It should workd fine.

    Then send a normal Power Point one and it will not know what to do with it.

    Excell you get the DTG icon in the email app
    Power Point converted you get a little house icon in the email app
    Normal Native Power Point, you just get the paper clip and it can't open it.

    Hope this helps

    Go to DataViz site and it will say only Excell and WOrd have native suport. matt

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