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    For months palmOne had a sentence on their web site saying something like:

    == We expect to have service from T-Mobile soon (*).

    How come palmOne doesn't have something like that for Verizon?

    It's been months since palmOne management said that Verizon service would be offered - if that is still valid how come no notice?


    (*) Actually, palmOne changed the notice more than once from ones suggesting T-Mobile was actually going to be carrying the TREO 600 to one suggesting the TREO 600 would simply be sold with T-Mobile service (with WHO carries/sells it not stated).
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    Check out this thread:

    I say you should get a Sprint T600 and trade with this guy, he managed to get a Treo 600 that is saying it is on Verison.

    It may just be a signal problem for him, I am kinda being ridiculas, so feel free to ignore this message...
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