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    When Sprint says my phone is Dual-Band/Tri-Mode, what does that mean?

    Are these phones still analog-capable, or is that just a couple of different frequencies that I can use the digital capabilities on?

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    Thanks for the link. When you read this excerpt from that link, I think you'll understand why I'm confused. I'm really not sure what Sprint means about what they're giving me. I pay to be able to roam, but I'm not sure on what networks I can roam. Here's the excerpt:


    Sometimes you can even find tri-mode phones. This term can be deceptive. It may mean that the phone supports two digital technologies, such as CDMA and TDMA, as well as analog. But it can also mean that it supports one digital technology in two bands and also offers analog support. A popular version of the tri-mode type of phone for people who do a lot of international traveling has GSM service in the 900-MHz band for Europe and Asia and the 1900-MHz band for the United States, in addition to the analog service.
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    Dual Mode / Tri-Band means that it works with two technologies and three frequencies. Most likely with sprint that means its does CDMA (digital) on 1900 and 800 and AMPS (analog) on 800. I think those frequencies are right. I hope this helps.

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    Yes, it does. Thanks Joe.

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