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    hey guys,

    hope all is well. here's my scenario, let me know what you guys think.

    my contract with att ends in 2 days.

    i am going to port out to sprint tonight after work.

    i will be slapped with $175 ETF fee?

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    depends on how dependent you are on your phone, either way wait for your contract to want to put off sprint reps AS LONG AS YOU CAN lol....honestly though, wait...
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    Definitely wait. If you search through this board you'll see that some people got their number ports in as soon as one hour. You definitely don't want that. Its only two days, I say wait.

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    Speaking as someone who ported twice within a week (left AT&T because too expensive data) to Sprint (poor reception at my office) to T-Mobile (very happy), it happened both times in less than two hours. And besides, your old phone works until the number is ported, so no need to pay the early termination fee.
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    i spoke to an awesome att rep, last night before i started the "port" process.

    he assured me no problems on ETF fees.

    so i have begun the port to sprint.

    the reason why i had to pull the trigger last night is, my old phone was stolen.

    i had to return it yesterday as it was the last day of my 30 day "trial"

    i payed MSRP for the phone as i didnt want to extend the contract at the time. so either way the ETF fee is cheaper then the price i paid for the att interim phone.

    nonetheless...I WILL BE SPRINT USER hopefully very soon.

    look forward to gaining/learning many things from you all.

    .:Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around:.

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