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    I am able to send SMSs now (how fun!) and I want to know how to send an SMS to my brother in the UK. To dial him from my Sprint Treo 600, I have a quick dial set to something like:


    When I spoke with him, he suggested that I try sending an SMS to him at


    Has anyone gotten international SMSing to work? Will I have to have separate listings to dial and SMS my international friends?

    (I guess I could just ask them to SMS me - +1-510-393xxxx, and then hit reply. Hmmmm).
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    I did some looking around and i found i was unable to send an international sms to my friends in UK. There were some websites that seemed to say it was impossible from Sprint CDMA network. we are communicating by me sending her an email using treo mail and she replies to my msg or sends me an email to

    her address is

    if he has t-mobile this should help

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