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    In the last year of my contract with Sprint so decided to call to see if could get a better deal

    Called what has been listed as the "retention" number (866-207-7913) and a human being picked up on the first ring!

    I asked if I had retention and after a bit of an akward sounding pause she said that they dont have a separate retention department anymore, but she could help me (Uh-Oh I thought)

    I told her right out I wanted to see if there was a better deal.

    She told me that if I would enter into a new contract (2 years) on both of my phones I could get 250 more min than what I had, have nights and weekend go from 9 to 7 and keep free PCS to PCS all for what I was currently paying MINUS an additional 5% discount.

    So what I had:

    500 min $45
    2nd phone 20
    Vision 15
    Total $80

    Nights/Weekends at 9
    Unlim PCS to PCS

    What I have now:

    750 for 2 phones $65
    Vision 15
    Discount 4
    Total $76

    Nights/Weekends at 7
    Unlim PCS to PCS

    Now I was kind of suprised I could get more for less and had her repeat it several times. I most of all dont want to ever lose PCS to PCS since I use that more than the regular mins. But she assured me I was getting more for less. Took her name and ID just in case something goes wrong. Now, of course the potential "catch" here, is that I probably cannont move the second phone anymore off this account and save $20 I'm committed to two phones on this account for 2 years. Before I could have switched my second phone to a second separate account if I had wanted to. BUT thats not a problem for me.

    She got this all done in about 10 min. She was very nice, helpful and seemed to know what she was doing.

    Now I have complained about lousey sprint service in the past and will do so again when it happens, but fair is fair, this could not have been better. I asked for her supervisor and told him what a great job she did for me and that she was the reason that i decided to sign a new contract. I hope everyone remembers to do this as well. Complain when they stink but be sure to let them know when they do well so that the good ones can be thanked and rewarded and maybe stick around for a while.
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    Went to check to see if the plan showed up correctly on the sprintpcs web site and it was a bit confusing so I called again. Used the same number and had about a 2 min wait before getting a specialist.

    As it turns out, my overall numbers are correct, but i am paying $5 a month for the 7pm start time for nights and weekends, so here is the actual plan numbers. Checking on some other sites, this appears to be a pretty standard retention plan but you need to have been with sprint at least a year and have no payment problems. So the more accurate breakdown:

    750 shared $40
    2nd phone 20
    7pm n/w 5
    Vision 15
    5% discount 4
    Total 76

    The funny thing is that the new "base plan" that I have has nights and weekends starting at 8pm not 9 like my old plan, so it looks like, if i wanted to, I could drop the 7pm start time and save $5. The plan would then be costing me a total of 71.25 with the discount and I would STILL have an extra hour each weeknight plus the 250 additional shared min above my old plan. Decided not to rock the boat the first month at least though and keep the 7pm to see how much i use it.
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