View Poll Results: How did the update go for you?

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  • Went very smooth, I would recommend it.

    19 24.68%
  • Went smooth, READ the instructions. Go fo it.

    30 38.96%
  • Went ok, had some minor issues, got thru it, go fo it.

    16 20.78%
  • Went ok, some issues,a headache, I guess it was ok?

    2 2.60%
  • It was ok, AFTER I got help from the people here.

    4 5.19%
  • I could take it, or leave it...

    1 1.30%
  • Only if your a Palm guru! I still don't have it working.

    0 0%
  • Don't touch this with a 10 foot poll!

    3 3.90%
  • Crash and burn....It's all over but the crying....

    2 2.60%
  • Banana pudding

    0 0%
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    Some of the users of this board, that use a Sprint/CDMA Treo600 want to know if they should or should not, install the V1.10 update.

    I suggested a poll and let the numbers speak for them selves. There are plenty of threads about it working or not working, this is a poll to see what the general tone is.

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    Thanks Burkhardi, for setting up the poll! Nice job. It would still be helpful hearing anyone's comments to accompany their votes too.
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    Make a backup of your treo
    Hard reset
    Install updater
    Re-synch backup

    Hint: BackUpMan or BackUpBuddy!!!
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    The update went very smoothly ... but since I have a Mac, the ONLY way I could do this was using files posted here; Sprint, whom I have paid a lot of money to for the Treo and the montly service, still has not provided a solution ...
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    After the upgrade, I had three apps causing soft resets:

    1) Today - whenever the device was turned on.
    2) Klondike - when running it
    3) Directory Assistant - when running it.

    Simply deleting and reinstalling these (well I checked for updated versions first as I always do when reinstalling apps and installed the latest Today and DA) solved the problem.

    Other than that, this upgrade was much easier than when I upgraded that pocket PC device to PPC2002.
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    1) Before installing the update, I did a back-up using BackupMan.
    2) Hard Reset my T600.
    3) Installed/hotsync'ed the 1.10 Update.
    4) Restored the latest back-up set using BackupMan and I was done.

    The only problem I had after the update was that Klondike would soft reset my T600 each time I ran it. But it got resolved and that was it. I didn't get any looping resets or it didn't mess up my DA.

    Looking forward to installing the software update.
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    So, for anyone with a basically vanilla T600, yeah the update's gonna work fine.

    Doing the hard reset was the missing step for me, either that or deleting various apps until I found which app was giving the me the looping soft reset. Just easier to backup the data and do a hard reset.
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    I might as well speak my 2 cents.
    Mine went very smooth... the only issue that I have now is that my battery won't show fully charged even when the physical LED is displaying green for fully charged.

    Minor annoyance now since I don't know when I really need to charge my battery.

    I might try to reinstall the update.
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    I did exactly as TR30 suggests in his 4 steps. Except that I first made a backup of my desktop palm directory. I was a little confused as to why do a hard reset first when the installation wants to hot-sync at the beginning to backup everything. It seemed like it was re-installing all my stuff. I wondered if I was supposed to delete everything in my palm backup directory first?? Anyway, I let it re-install everything like it seemed to be doing. Then after the installation process I cancelled the last hot-sync. Then I restored the Treo 600 from BackupMan. Then I restored my desktop Palm directory so everything was as it was before the installation. Then I hot-synced. I had no problems, other than having to scratch my head about whether I was supposed to let the first hot-sync restore everything after my initial hard reset. Maybe someone can clarify this for others who are contemplating the install. Thanks for the help TR30!

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