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    Anyone know if a Mac version in the horizen? Only Windows now. Thanks
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    Seriously. I'll just wait if one is just around the corner, but "currently researching the possibility of providing a Mac version" does not sound promising.

    I've been able to do firmware upgrades on every Palm since US Robotics from a Mac, this isn't something they should be engineering from scratch.
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    I got the same "we are researching this ..." reply.

    On another thread someone posted the unpacked .prc updater files extracted from the windows updater, with Mac install directions. That makes it sure look like it can't be too hard technically. I will likely try this unofficial update this weekend, if so I'll post results.

    Mac users should contact Sprint and Handspring/PalmOne and remind them that since they advertise and document that the Mac is a supported platform, they incur legal liability if they don't then deliver on that. We should be prepared to send complaints to the FTC and other such agencies if they fail to deliver soon ...

    I am willing to be reasonable and somewhat patient, but will ultimately hold Sprint and PalmOne accountble if they have engaged in false and deceptive advertising with respect to Mac compatibilty.

    -- Walter
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    Originally posted by wcl
    I got the same "we are researching this ..." reply.
    I wasn't aware of this as I have not tried to do the update. I avoid the Sprint website because it is so poor.

    Not being able to update from a Mac would really suck if this were a critical update for me. As it is, after a couple of days of intermittent web connections, Blazer and PCS Mail seem to be faster than before with no other noticeable problems. Since I don't use messaging, what am I missing in the update?
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    It looks promising to apply this update from Virtual PC but haven't given it enough of my time yet
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    As wcl posted, the extracted patch has been made available, and applying the update is as easy as uploading three *.prc files. No need for Virtual PC, and I can add to the confirmations that it works fine from OS X, and expect it would from any system capable of running an Install conduit.
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    So where are the .prc files we need to install the update on the Mac? Anyone?
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    Yes, please point us in right direction for these extracted files

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