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    No more using them 1-way Test Messengers! Woo-hoo~!!
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    SMS is go in Seattle!

    Though I'm at work in Kirkland now, so I'll have to see if it still works when I get home.
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    Detroit is finally working
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    Originally posted by TR30
    No more using them 1-way Test Messengers! Woo-hoo~!!
    Can confirm that SMS send now working in San Jose - YEY!!! But still "service unavailable" a little north in peninsula (Mountain View to Foster City). Bugs me because I work in Foster City - LET'S GO SPRINT!!!
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    I'm in Scottsdale, AZ ... part of Phoenix.

    Disabled my Treo600SMS today, and rebooted and sent a "real" SMS both to my phone and to an email address.

    Delay about 30 seconds on multiple attempts. Email comes from a server called:

    But it is badly configured and fails multiple SPAM checks about invalid reverse DNS, HELO message etc ... so if you do a test to email, you might find the messages getting stopped by some of the spam checkers.

    SMS to my own phone took exactly 30 seconds turn around on 3 attempts ... just sent SMS to a TMobile phone, awaiting to see if my friends got it ...

    YES, just got a confirmation from him that he got it!

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    I can (finally!) send and recieve SMS (Sprint) in Waukesha (i.e. Milwaukee), Wisconsin from my Treo 600. Also sent an SMS to my sister's phone (Verizon) and got her reply back!

    I don't get what all the complaining is good for. I've been patiently waiting without SMS on my Treo since October 9th, through several missed SMS "launch" dates without a peep. All you people who got your Treo's this week and are complaining that it doesn't work -- shut up!!! Just kidding. Finally! I'm amazed to actually see it work! I'm happy. For now.
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    Mobile Originated SMS works here in Dallas now! Yahoo!
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    Phoenix stopped working about 10 PM tonight ... back to the original "This service is coming message"

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    I'm in Des Moines, Iowa and SMS started working today.
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    Originally posted by johngs4
    I'm in Des Moines, Iowa and SMS started working today.
    Same here in the Ottumwa, IA service area.
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