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    i called Sprint this afternoon and they stated that sms for Rochester, NY will be available 2/1/04......of course they stated that it would be available 1/27/04 also.
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    Originally posted by jdavid
    Is there any pattern geographically to how they're turning on full sms capabilities?

    I'm in DC, still waiting to send SMS.

    Is the word that Feb. 1 is sitll the day for nationwide?
    Im in DC area also.

    Do you stillg et the message SMS available soon when you try and send one (with the palm update)

    i do
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    I realize that I am adding to the rumor mill that is SMS and Sprint.
    But I took my treo in yesterday for a diagnostic test and to get it replaced. I asked the CSR when is SMS going to be rolled out. She told me that they recieved a email on the subject this morning and she gave it a once over and said SMS has been delayed ETA March.
    I don't know how reliable this is, I only am telling you exactly what she told me.
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    I work for Sprint, and its been posted on the corporate intranet that 2/15 is the launch date now. However all markets should be up and running prior to this date...
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    Please address the Grandfather issue....
    "I don't know for sure" is a very vaild answer IMHO, so if you don't know, just say so.

    Thanks for putting your head in the pie throwing booth by saying you work for sprint, but it's nice to have someone on the inside here.
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    Well SMS is working again in Tally, pretty reliable right now
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    SMS Recieve in Dallas, Tx. No SMS Send capability.
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    Hasn't Sprint every heard of the oldest business principle of Underpromise and Over-deliver.

    They should just tell us its coming out Spring 2005 then anytime before that we will be happy and praise them for their genius in getting a product out before the launch date.

    Now they're just the GOAT.
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    Still not working in Chitown
    Scott T DeBlaze
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    Nothing in DC yet!
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    Nope, I check every few hours in DC. Maybe tomorrow
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    I'd be WAAAAYYYY less unhappy about this if Sprint hadn't broken TREO600SMS functionality in this pseudo-upgrade.
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    Tried it this morning at 8:30 in Chicago. No dice.
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    No outgoing SMS here in Minne.
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    I spoke with Sprint earlier and they informed me that sms was suppose to launch today nationwide but it was pulled.

    Currently there is no new launch date....per Sprint customer service.

    Of course yesterday I was told 2/3/04 was the day.

    And a couple of days before that....1/27/04 was the day.
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    I wonder if the person at Sprint who is in charge of rolling out SMS has been fired yet?
    There's no place like
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    I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and SMS works great both sending and receiving to mobile phones and to and from email addresses.
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    Still no SMS in Raleigh, NC
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    I called the Tyson's Corner DC Sprint Store to ask when the SMS service might become available and some customer rep answered rudely with an attitude with "It'll come soon". I hung up on her immediately. This company has some serious problems with customer service. This SMS delay is just another example of their incompetence.

    Their strategic technical folks know what they are selecting with their technology and phones, (normally except with the obvious SMS exclusion blunder) but they have some serious issues with customer service.

    It makes want to scream.

    Ofcourse, it's Feb. 3rd and its not available in the DC area. 1.1 update will not alleviate this, because the update simply helps the interface and not whether you can use SMS or not.

    DOWN with SPRINT!
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    st pete fl here. i was todl it will for sure be totoallyl workign by mid feburary. ofcourse it was supposed to be for sure totally workign by feb 3rd. i was told by like rung 18 in the hierarchy of tech support that they are having server capacity issues and thats what cause the delay. blah.
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