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    No SMS in Chicago.

    The update did, however, fix the problem that I was having with the Internet SMS. For the last few weeks I haven't been able to use Sprint's SMS through the web. Whenever I would hit the "compose" link, it would just refresh the page, I couldn't get to the compose page.

    After the update, it works again.

    Hopefully soon, the real SMS will work too.
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    Northern VA/Washington DC area... no SMS sending from the built-in SMS app, but no problems receiving...

    - Mike
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    I can send and receive SMS messages when I am at work in NYC but not when I am home in New Jersey right outside the Lincoln Tunnel.
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    Colorado Springs, CO. No change: can get, but can't send yet.
    Bill Petro
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    No SMS sending in Austin TX.
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    No SMS sending in Tampa FL.
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    SMS works on the Upper West Side, not in Mahwah, NJ.
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    Receive and send both before and after the update in Cleveland.
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    just got sms from sprint
    sprint alert for the upgrade
    i still can't send, is the mo-sms going live tomorrow or what??
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    I upgraded my Sprint PalmOS yesterday, and tested immediately afterwards. Was able to send and receive SMS just fine. Previously I had only been able to receive SMS (and then subsequently crash). After reading other posts I think it was just coincidence that both happened the same day. Charlotte, NC SMS probably went live yesterday.
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    SMS sending not working here in San Fran bay area yet. Sprint claims it will be activated on Jan. 30th in California, but we'll see..
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    Well a couple of days ago SMS sending in Tallahassee FL worked. Now I send and it "appears" to go somewhere, however none of my friends gets the message
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    savannah, Ga. Still no send SMS. Receive works before and after upgrade.
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    i'm in nyc, queens. I did the update. sms is not working. I did get to sucessfully send a couple of sms mgs on sat, but could not receive them. i've not been able to send or rec since then
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    Wisconsin - NO SEND
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    Northern California 1/30/04 8:45am --- no send
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    cannot send yet! *sob*
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    Originally posted by Im So Unpopular
    Sprint claims it will be activated on Jan. 30th in California, but we'll see..
    10:22am in CA, still not working.

    Did the Sprint Rep mention a time?
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    Or a YEAR?
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    Is there any pattern geographically to how they're turning on full sms capabilities?

    I'm in DC, still waiting to send SMS.

    Is the word that Feb. 1 is sitll the day for nationwide?
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