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    The following questions are pre MO-SMS, how they were up untill 2 weeks ago.

    What are the differences?
    1. one way message
    2. Short mail
    3. Web ALerts

    Are web alerts the ones that you sign up for, like weather and stock alerts and such?

    Short mail is what you compose using the 10digit number followed by Basicaly a web based text mesaging?Also Short mail comes via Vision?

    One way message is the same as sprints (old)SMS? one way comes via the voice line, not data (vision), correct?

    Were all Sprint phone only able to recieve sprint SMS and not send (w/o gong to a site or using an app), or just the Treo's?

    TIA, Matt
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    Nice to know it's not just me that is a little lost on these as well!

    Also nice to know that people are not answering, just to answer. A question like this, takes a phone infostructure guru (not to mention the fact the Sprint does it bass ackwords.....)
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    PCS Short Mail & SMS Text Messaging
    PCS Short Mail:
    Allows you to send messages to and from almost any Internet-ready PCS Phone or this web site. Messages can be exchanged between your PCS Phone and other carriers' wireless phones (like AT&T Wireless, Verizon or T-Mobile). To send messages from your PCS Phone, go to Web > Messaging > PCS Short Mail. Recipients receive notification of new messages on their PCS Phones and can retrieve them by going to Web > Messaging > PCS Short Mail > Inbox.

    SMS Text Messaging:
    Allows you to send messages from this web site to any PCS Phone. The phone doesn't have to be Internet-ready, but the recipient must have a plan including data or messaging. Messages cannot be sent to customers of other wireless carriers, and only recipients with 2-way SMS phones can send reply messages. Your message pops up on the recipient's phone; they do not have to access the Web from their phone to get it.

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