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    I also hear that there is not granfather and that also that it will only be for a while.

    I am leaning 80% toward exactley what you say and your reasons behind it.

    I know one thing for sure...TIME WILL TELL
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    It seems unfair to count received SMSs towards the total, since there doesn't seem to be a way to set your phone to reject SMS.
    It seems you can block senders now. Goto the PCSVision site (mobile)
    and select #1 Messaging,then #1 shortmail, then #4 settings, then #3 block senders
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    Yes, but that's all through the current Sprint system that requires Vision/Wireless Web (for those with older phones), or Treo600SMS which automates the retrieval function.

    When they move to Mo-SMS, will those blocks still function? My guess would be not, since it's directly to/from the phone.

    - Mike
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    they don't care about cancelling your contract. it is about proffits and if 1 in 100 (no way it will be even that high) get their contracts cancelled they are gonna go, "so what". their profits still shoot up. long time user maybe you can get out of it till your contract ends, not that long, they don't care. their rates and data are still 2 cheap 2 switch (I hope people do, ATT pays much higher commisions, sprints the worst)
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