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    Sorry if this is old news...but it isnt to me! I havent been able to send and sms with PDA apps treosms. Well...I installed the updater on the Handspring webpage and all of a sudden...voila...I can reply to sms messages via pda apps treosms. I disabled it and confirmed I still cannot send from the treo sms app (stupid error message saying service not available). Heres the catch...I have to use the entire address of the person i"m texting...ex: or, etc. AND...I cant run a thread of other words, I cant reply if im in a thread of messages...I have to send a new msg each time with the or But it sure beats having to log into shortmail...which I cant even get to lately.

    I dont know if PDA apps finally fixed their program or if the updater resolves the prob...but I find it very interesting that pda apps worked only...and immediately after I ran the updater.

    Sorry if this is old news. Hope it helps someone!
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    I might be wrong, but when you put in the entire address, TreoSMS600 reads it as an email address, and not a SMS .. so it handles it differently ... when I try a straight phone number, it still will crash.

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    I thought so too, which is why I couldnt figure out why I couldnt send any messages...Up until tonite I couldnt send text msgs thru PDA apps matter what extensions I used. I could send to aol, msn etc...but no cell networks....not verizon, att, cingular...and especially other sprint users. I can send other words, pds apps treosms is working like it did before...cept I need the But once its entered into my contacts like that it isnt a problem to recall it.

    Hope it lasts
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    oh...and since I ran the updater, i havent gotten anymore crashes or resets...not with picture mail and not when I toggle between the sms app and the web. ive received about 30 text messages and not one crash. pre updater treo reset bout every other message. Dare I say.....progress?
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    Here was some info on that.

    But for me know, I can also send likeI use too, with just the 10digit number too.
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    Working again here in Austin Texas too. I have NOT updated my ROM yet eiother.
    Thanks, Matt

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