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    Anyone have any success with the new upgrade? I followed the directions and I couldn't get it to work.
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    Not here... keeps saying its missing something file.

    I wish sprint/handspring would test these installers a bit more before releasing them. Talk about a process that never seems to go right. Even on my old 300 the updates were always a pain to install.
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    everything went like a charm for me...though currently vision sites are currently not accessible..oh still works and finally SMS!!!

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    Looks like the update worked fine for me. I have not tried connecting to Vision, but everything appears to have gone OK.
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    What does your SMS app report back as a version number? Mine still says 1.0 after getting it to install.
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    Installed with no problems and Treo works the same as before (wonderful). In fact, I do not see any difference.
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    As others have mentioned, I would strongly suggest backing up your Treo, doing a HARD RESET, then install the update. After finished, re-synch from your back up. You'll need to create a dummy user to do this.

    Mine didn't work until I did it this way.

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    The third try at downloading wasn't a charm. I get to the point where the Treo wants me to do a reset, and when I do, it gives me a message about the application not working or something. I'm spending too much time with this friggin' phone. I'm going to bed.
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    How do I reload my original user name and all of its apps to my Treo???? I created a dummy file for another failed attempt at the Sprint download and when I do a Hot Sync, it syncs with the dummy name.
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    No more SMS reset and indeed the SMS app is still the 1.0. I think the update affects the Treo in ways other than the SMS app to solve the reset problems. I too am facing problems with web sites during the Sprint PCS update.
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    I use Linux exclusively, and I don't have any way to run the installer. I'm assuming that, like other Palm updaters, this it unpacks to a .prc file that you hotsync, which updates and then does a hard reset.

    If someone could email the unpacked installer to me at grib [at] billgribble [dot] com I would really, really appreciate it.

    In case you need the answer to this question,

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    Where do I find this upgrade and what is it supposed to do?
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    Are the folks that having problems doing the following:

    1. Unistall or disable all hacks (note there are many of these and some are specefic to the Treo like TakePhone)

    2. Make sure there is at least 4 MB of free memory prior to the upgrade

    3. Make sure your phone is either comletely charged or in the cradle (which provides external power) during the upgrade.

    The upgrade was flawless on my phone.
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    THere is a plethora of info here

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