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    Before the whole migration to MO-SMS started last week, when I would turn wireless on, I would get the little musical jingle and then the Welcome screen would go off and that was it.

    Now, I get the jingle, but right before the Welcome screen goes off (at the same time really), I get a honking type tone for a very brief second. This tone sounds familiar, I think it's the same one that you hear when you loose a call and you get the pop up with the network lost and have the "Dismiss" or "connect" error.

    This seemed to start when the MO-SMS errors started to come in. I wonder if it's a notification that the SMS line is live?

    Anyone else notice this honking/dull-beep that I am hearing right before the Welcome screen for Wireless on goes away?

    Thanks, Matt
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    Yeah, I hear that sound, too. It seems to be the same tone you hear when the phone loses the signal and then gains a signal again.

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    Thanks for the responce, so I am not loosing my mind after all LOL..

    So, do you remember if this is a new behavoir that started in the past 1-2 weeks? your on a Sprint/CDMA phone correct?
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    OK, go ahead and give me the one star for this post...

    I found the issue. Upon long hours of troubleshooting with Mahootzki (15 seconds), it seems that it's an error behind the headset (me). I had the Service Tone set to "on" via perfs, sounds, Phone tones.

    Turned it more honkng sound. I bet that started right after I asked it too...LOL

    I fell a little embarrassed....LOL

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